10 classic interior design looks that are always in fashion

a loft apartment with a wooden floor

Everyone loves wooden floors! Photo: Getty

Forget TikTok and Instagram fads. If you are after longevity from your decor, the experts say these 10 interiors trends are the ones to go for.

Renovating a property is costly and disruptive so, if you’re going to change the way your interior looks, stick with trends that have longevity and won’t go out of fashion. “Once this foundational work is completed, you won’t have to undertake any major work again, as these timeless components can always be built upon in different ways. They provide a classic base, a look which is transitional and can be simply modified further down the line,” says interior designer Manuela Hamilford of Hamilford Design.

White kitchens

Modern white kitchen countertop with gas stove and sink for mockup, 3D rendering

White kitchens: clean and classic. Photo: Getty

Kitchens are one of the things known to help sell a property so keeping them classic is a savvy move. “As long as kitchens are for cooking and eating, white will be a colour option that will never go out of style,” says Cameron Johnson, CEO & Founder of Nickson Living. “White represents and exudes a feeling of clean, fresh, and pure – all elements that people have, and will, want to associate with meals and their preparation.”


unfurnished diningroom with lots of windows, place your own furniture

Molding: so simple you barely notice it. But can you imagine what this room would look like without it? Photo: Getty

It might not be something you immediately notice on a property but molding, the decorative finish that’s used where the ceiling meets the walls, will always make a room look better. While effective, it’s also not expensive to install. “Molding is to the home as the perfect necklace is to a little black dress,” says Johnson. “Having withstood the test of time of centuries, molding is timeless and can serve to elevate nearly any space and adds an aura of elegance and opulence.”

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Bed headboards

Large buttoned headboard of luxury bed, beige and pink pillows on it, copy space. Feminine bedroom in pink and white colors. Chesterfield style checkered soft headboard, diamond pattern

Headboards say: This bed was designed to be here. And not just plonked in the room. Photo: Getty

It doesn’t matter what the style is, having a headboard on your bed rather than just the divan is a classic look that never grows old. [It’s] a very simple and cost-effective way to give any room some gravitas and make your bed feel as though it’s meant to be there,” says interior designer Lucy Breton. “Find a second-hand headboard you like the look of on eBay, invest in a few meters of fancy fabric and a staple gun, and I guarantee your bedroom will thank you.”


A general view looking into a kitchen with dining area from a hallway of a home

Lamps are great for adding atmosphere to a room. Photo: Getty

Lamps are another look that has stood the test of time. “Not only are lamps a great way of creating an atmosphere, they are also an opportunity to introduce colour into a room,” says Breton. “There are lamps to suit every budget, and you can make them your own in so many ways… Matching an inexpensive shade with a pricier base, or vice versa, or try your hand at painting a neutral shade.”

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Neutral Colours

Texture and material samples for interior design projects, such as rugs, wallpaper, fabric and tiles, laid out to illustrate a modern soft blue beach house styling scheme

If you want to sell your house keep the colour palette neutral. Photo: Getty

One of the most recognised classic looks is a neutral colour palette. “Soft, neutral colours will usually allow more light into a property, which, in turn, creates a feeling of space,” says Sabaya Verger, partner of Tedworth Properties. A neutral white, beige or grey also gives you flexibility when it comes to adding furniture. “Going for a light colour palette base will always be a more timeless solution. You will then add colour accents throughout using furniture/dressing/objects/artwork. Those elements can change over time however your base palette should remain neutral,” says Nicolas Roux, founder of Rive Gauche London.

Dark Bronze Fixtures & Fittings

Water flowing from a faucet and set of contemporary taps of gold colour.

A touch of class in your bathroom. Photo: Getty

A lesser-known timeless suggestion is dark bronze on fittings, such as handles, taps and light switches. “Chrome can fall in and out of fashion, but bronze will always elevate the look of a space,” says Hamilford. “Bronze also complements a variety of colour schemes, such as those featuring crisp whites, rich burgundy and classic dark green.”

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Wooden Floors

Real photo of a retro living room interior and view of a home office. View through a door

Your initial spend may be higher if you buy solid wood, but if you look after it, it will last decades. Photo: Getty

Wooden floors look good whether they’re the original stripped floorboards or modern engineered wood that has been put in to replace carpet. “[They] age nicely, are easy to take care of and are more high end, which add to the appeal of the property,” says Verger. While they may require “a higher initial investment”, you should always get your money back, whether it’s through renting out or when you sell on.


Smiling mixed race brother and sister relaxing and using smart phone laying in living room nook corner with winter in the background outside.

It looks great, and it incorporates extra storage – what’s not to like? Photo: Getty

Benches make great investment pieces because they add additional seating in the most space-efficient way. “For rental property, benches are always an applicant’s favourite, whether they’re used in the kitchen to maximise space at a rectangular breakfast table… or under a window in a bedroom with lovely cushions and a throw as a perfect nook,” says Verger. “They are also perfect for providing additional storage which is always a top priority for lettings and sales.”

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Comfortable chair with sheepskin and cushion on a white carpet in front of a high key window with vase of yellow lilies alongside

Scandinavian design has been top of the pops for decades now. And our love for it is showing no sign of waning. Photo: Getty

Wonder why Ikea remains so popular? Scandi design focusses on light, airy and organic spaces which promote a calming, simple and serene feel. “Nordic-inspired homes are packed full of pale wood, super smooth white walls, textural jute rugs and huge mirrors to bounce the light around the room,” says Steph Briggs, Co-Founder of La Di Da Interiors. “A tight and minimal palette of pale colours combined with accents and accessories in black to give definition and visual interest. Glass vases and sheepskin rugs add yet more tactile appeal.”

Shaker-Style Cabinetry

Interior of brand new kitchen in North American residence.

Shaker-style cabinetry is extremely versatile. Photo: Getty

You might not know what shaker-style cabinetry is, but you will have seen it in plenty of kitchens. Shaker cabinets are characterised by their square edges or box-shaped appearance. Think of a rectangular wood slab and, within that, another square-shaped box that’s slightly smaller. Hamilford explains their enduring popularity: “Shaker-style cabinetry in kitchens and bathrooms is a transitional design that can easily adapt to any aesthetic – the style lends itself well to fit in with a modern, contemporary design, or a cosy country-inspired space.”

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