10 Healthy Home-Inspired Amazon Prime Day Deal Ideas

Have you been holding off on new purchases for your home until this week’s Amazon Prime Day deals? If you’re interested in making your house, condo, townhome, cabin or other dwelling safer, healthier, more accessible, functional, comfortable or joyful – i.e., fulfilling the five facets of wellness design – here are 10 items worth considering today or tomorrow. If you miss these deals, or prefer to shop locally, you can still take inspiration from these suggestions.

Health & Fitness Facet Deals

This facet is about products and home features that enhance your physical well-being. That can include fitness gear, organic products, ergonomic furniture and more. Here are two ideas to increase your health and fitness potential.

1. Rally Meister Portable Light Pickleball Set

The fast-moving sport of pickleball, similar to tennis or badminton, can be a great way of enhancing your outdoor space and exercise regimen, without having to fight for court time with the growing numbers of competitors.

2. Amazon Aware 100% Organic Cotton Ribbed Bath Towels

Whether you love taking a long, relaxing bath or standing under a rain shower head, pampering your skin with organic cotton towels can make your hygiene rituals healthier. (This idea can also fit into the Comfort & Joy facet.)

Safety & Security Facet Deals

This facet is designed to make your home spaces more resilient, secure and/or private. These two ideas can help.

3. Lorex 2K Spotlight Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Camera

Outdoor living spaces are getting more elaborate and more widely used every year, it seems, so protecting their safety with a home security system seems like a sound idea. There are numerous options available, both DIY solutions like this one, and elements that are part of a smart home system. This is an affordable way to get the basics covered.

4. Anker 521 Portable Power Station

Wildfires, storms, heatwaves, manmade disasters and grid overload can all cause power outages. Having a basic backup can add to your resilience (and functionality) to your home.

Accessibility Facet Deals

Accessibility is defined as making spaces usable for people who might have physical limitations. As we all age, or injure ourselves (maybe playing pickleball!), we can benefit from adding accessibility in our homes.

5. Amazon Basics 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Burner

A portable induction burner helps us cook if the range becomes hard to reach, or we’re concerned about the risks of burning ourselves with a gas flame if our vision or balance is failing.

6. Amazon Basics Automatic Hands-Free Stainless Steel Rectangular Trash Can

Someone with arthritis, Parkinson’s or another health condition that makes it hard to operate tricky or heavy lids will appreciate the ease of accessing their trash and recycling with a hands-free can. For those without these concerns, there are sanitary, safety and functionality benefits in not having to touch a lid with messy hands.

Functionality Facet Deals

Adding functionality to your home includes incorporating elements that help you get and stay organized, and accomplish multiple needs with fewer items.

7. 4-Tier Bookshelf Plant Shelf

A shelving unit can do that in any room of your home, helping hold and display items books, plants and decorative elements.

8. Bunkhouse Plaid Wool Camping Blanket

What makes a camping blanket functional? Its versatility offers you the option of one item to picnic on or nestle under on a chilly night, even fold on the ground to cushion your knees when gardening. It can fit into the comfort and joy category too!

Comfort & Joy Facet Deals

This facet is designed to make your home spaces more joyful, comfortable and personalized.

9. Aura Carver 10.1″ WiFi Digital Picture Frame

How many of us thumb through our old photo albums anymore? Displaying your favorite images in a digital frame is a way to add personalization, delight and beauty to a space. And you can change the images as often as you’d like for different occasions and emotional needs.

10. Soundcast Vg5 Waterproof Portable Outdoor Speaker

If you’re spending more time than ever outdoors, it’s great to be able to bring your music with you. An outdoor-rated speaker you don’t have to worry about getting hit with the sprinkler, pool water or spilled iced tea adds to carefree fun this summer.

Last Words

It’s always a great time to add wellness potential to your home and life, whether you live in a motor home or mansion! There are no affiliate links in this article, and no advocacy for any of the companies whose items are featured; think of them as ideas and inspirations, rather than researched product recommendations.

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