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It’s easy to feel like you’re in a design rut when you’re limited by the realities of living in a rental: you can’t install permanent light fixtures, for example, replace the floors, or generally go crazy with your drill. When it comes to freshening up the look of your walls, traditional wallpaper is a clear no-no, but the emergence of all sorts of renter-friendly wallpaper means you no longer have to stare at boring, bare walls everyday.

These peel-and-stick wallpapers come with a self-adhesive backing that sticks onto any smooth surface with ease, and they’re every renter’s dream because they’ll help enhance your living space and infuse personality onto your walls — no paste, holes, or pissing off your landlord.

Even for non-renters, temporary wallpaper is a popular choice. For one, there are countless designs to choose from no matter your design aesthetic or how big (or small) of a space you’re working with. Not to mention, removable wallpaper can be a much more cost-effective and less time-consuming alternative to traditional wallpaper, since you don’t have to pay for labor costs. Most importantly, they can be removed easily without leaving behind a sticky residue or causing surface damage.

Ready to refresh your home? We’ve rounded up the best renter-friendly wallpaper that are convenient, stylish, and renter-friendly.

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