10 Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts That Will Make Them Feel Right at Home

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Getting invited to a housewarming party is exciting — if you say yes, you know you’re in for a night of good eats, good company, and a tour of your friend’s new home. But it also raises a tricky question: what should you get them as a housewarming present? Should you get them something they need or simply something they’d enjoy? Should it be small or big? What’s a reasonable budget? Will it work cohesively with the style and layout of their new space?

As with any other gift, the thought means more than the gift itself — however, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to consider getting them something unique and fun.

Many people go with simple gifts — a nice bottle of wine, a set of glasses, a cozy blanket, a plant, or anything else that tends to be universally enjoyed no matter who the person is. However, if you’re reading this, it’s probably because you want to stand out — you want to go above and beyond and get them a gift that will make a statement and help them enjoy their new home even more. Finding an interesting gift can be tricky, but there are so many ideas out there if you take a little time to consider what your friend loves or what they might need during this time of transition.

The gift you get also depends on how well you know the person — if they’re a best friend, buying them a useful yet funny housewarming gift will be much easier than buying for a coworker you don’t really know.

In any situation, spending some time thinking about their style, hobbies, and the layout of their new home can be helpful. For example, you’d most likely buy something very different for a friend moving into their first solo apartment than a friend moving into a three-bedroom home with their spouse and child.

But don’t worry — a housewarming gift is supposed to be fun! You may decide to buy them something purely fun or sentimental, but you may also elect to buy them something utilitarian. Whether you’ve known the person for years or weeks, these ideas are sure to make you a hit when you walk in the door:

Something To Accessorize Their Space

Chances are, if your friend is inviting people over, they already have all the essentials they need, as well as enough decor to make the space warm and inviting. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t still in need of pretty decorations or knick-knacks to make their space even more exciting.

Ensure Comfort and Style With a Washable Tumble Rug

Few people will say no to washable rugs from Tumble. Whether your friend loves a pop of color in their space or likes to stick with earth tones, you’re sure to find them something they’ll love (and something that will bode well when the inevitable glass of wine or forkful of pasta is dropped at a future dinner party).

Add a Personal Touch With Custom Curtains From Pepper Home

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If they’re already set on rugs but have been talking about adding a little pop to their living room or bedrooms, a set of custom curtains from Pepper Home is calling their name. This is an especially great gift if you already have a sense of their style or if they’ve shown you photos of different colors, textures, and patterns they love.

Something To Sweeten Their Days

Your friend is probably looking forward to the big and small memories they will make in their new space. From major celebrations and holidays to quiet moments in their kitchen making a cup of tea, there’s no limit to how many beautiful experiences can come out of every moment in a new space. Why not give them a gift that can be a centerpiece in those moments?

Kickstart Mornings in Their New Home With a Mueller Espresso Machine

A Mueller espresso machine is one thing that’s guaranteed to excite every coffee lover. It comes with a complete barista kit (including a frother and grinder) to help them create the perfect coffee shop experience in their kitchen every morning. Plus, you can also reap the benefits every time you crash in their new guest room!

Warm Their Hearts and Home With a Personalized Tea Collection From Sips by

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If they prefer tea over coffee, look no further than tea gift sets from Sips by. You can choose special sets that cater to various tastes, needs, and interests, like immunity teas, detox teas, brunch teas, or bathtime teas. No matter what they like in their cup, Sips by is your one-stop-shop for everything they could ever want to sip on.

Something To Help Them Relax

Moving can be stressful, even if you’re not going far. Even when you’ve finished setting up the essentials and decorating a bit, the process can feel like it’ll never be over, especially in those first few months. Giving your friend something to help them decompress and unwind in their new space will always be welcome.

Ease Their Move-In Stress With Sunmed CBD Products

CBD cream from Sunmed will help their sore muscles rest and recover after the exhausting process of moving and unpacking. If they love to be physically active in their everyday life, they’ll get even more use out of it.

This may seem like an unconventional gift to give someone as a housewarming present, but you’ll be surprised at how much they appreciate this thoughtful gesture that shows how much you care about their well-being — not just how beautiful their home is.

Show Care for Their Furry Friends With ElleVet Sciences’ Pet CBD

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On a similar note, don’t forget to think of all members of the household when shopping for your gift — including the furry ones! As beneficial as CBD can be for humans looking to unwind from the stress of moving, pets can benefit just as much.

Dog CBD from ElleVet Sciences can help soothe pups who experience high levels of emotion while adjusting to a new environment and coping with their human’s stress levels. Your friend will be so happy you took the time to think of their beloved pet, since the new home is just as much theirs as it is your friend’s!

Guarantee Restful Nights With SONU Sleep

If CBD isn’t up their alley, but you still want to buy your friend something to help them decompress and relax, a side sleepers pillow with arm hole from SONU Sleep can be game-changing.

We’re willing to bet they probably didn’t know specialty mattresses and pillows for side sleepers existed! You could surprise them with something that will quickly become their favorite part of their home. A great night’s sleep will give them more positive energy they can use towards decorating their new space and hosting all the dinner parties and gatherings their heart desires.

Something That Helps Them Feel Good and Embrace Their Hobbies

Most people will show up to the housewarming party with something to decorate the new space or utilize in a certain room of the house. These gifts are always welcome! However, if you want to stand out, think of different gift ideas to help your friend connect with themselves and feel their absolute best in their new space. Whether that’s something to help them engage in their favorite hobbies or simply feel great about themselves, there’s something special about gifts that celebrate the person, not just the space.

Fine-Tune Their New Living Space With a RockSmith+ Guitar Tuner

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For instance, if your friend loves music and playing guitar, help them create beautiful music in their new space by gifting them a guitar tuner from Rocksmith+. This app will help them practice and fine-tune their skills with a small tool they can take on the road or utilize in the comfort of their own home.

It’s a small gesture that can speak volumes about your support for their talent and hobbies — who knows; maybe they’ll love it so much that they’ll serenade you and their other guests at the housewarming party!

Add Unique Flair to Their New Space With Custom Pins and Coins From Lapel Pins and Coins

If your friend loves showing off their collectibles and knick-knacks around the house, a set of custom challenge coins from Lapel Pins and Coins is calling their name. These coins are a tradition in the military and police forces, but they’re also frequently customized for fundraisers, organizations, and gifts. If your friend has a favorite character, symbol, or lucky number, a customized coin is a fun idea to add to their collection. You can also customize it with an image of their zodiac sign, pet, or something representing their new space or city.

Make Their New House Smell Like Home With a Signature Snif Scent

If hobbies and collectibles aren’t your friend’s cup of tea, you can’t go wrong with a gift that will help them feel confident and smell amazing. If they love fun perfumes and already have a whole collection to rotate for different occasions, give them some sweet cherry perfume from Snif. This scent is genderless, vegan, and free of preservatives, so if your friend loves playing with their style and is eco-conscious, this is a great option, especially with the warm, playful scents of summer just around the corner.

Even better? Snif offers the option to sample the perfume before you buy it, so if you’re worried that your friend won’t like the perfume you buy them, you can always have them try it first and let them know the full-sized bottle will be on their way if they love it (and we think they will!).

What Makes the Perfect Housewarming Gift?

Ultimately, there is no such thing as a “perfect housewarming gift.” Every home and every person is different. Some people move into a new space with a list of items they need to buy — if you’re lucky, they may have created a registry or wish list to give you a few ideas of what they need. But even if this isn’t the case, you can still enjoy the process of finding them a gift that they’ll enjoy for years to come.

The key to finding the perfect housewarming gift for your friend or loved one is to consider what makes them unique. What do they love to do? What’s their style? What matters most to them? If your friend is an eccentric artist who loves to have parties at their house, you may get them a fun piece of art or something that will help them host large gatherings.

On the other hand, if your friend is a notorious homebody who loves spending cozy nights at home, the perfect gift might look slightly different. This is why it’s important to expand your idea of what a “perfect gift” looks like and focus on the person you’re celebrating.

Many people get stuck thinking all housewarming gifts must be the same thing — a bottle of wine, a set of glasses, or something else that directly correlates to the party. However, housewarming celebrations are about much more than the party or the home itself — it’s about the people in the home and all the memories that are going to be made in the future.

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