13 Modern Fireplace Ideas to Create the Upgraded Cozy Space of Your Dreams

Settle in around these contemporary fireplace designs.

<p>Photography by Mike Van Tassell</p>

Photography by Mike Van Tassell

A fireplace is a constant in many people’s dream home wishlist. It’s a timeless element that can create storybook-like living rooms and the evoke the coziest of atmospheres. However, the rustic brick fireplaces of the past aren’t a fit for everyone’s modern-day homes. So, whether you’re hoping to upgrade the existing fireplace in your home or add a new feature to your space, you may be looking for modern alternatives. Below, find 12 modern fireplaces that can serve as a sleek and comforting centerpiece to your home.

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Opt for a Neutral Frame

<p>Photography by Mike Van Tassell</p>

Photography by Mike Van Tassell

This fireplace design by Lindye Galloway is anything but stuffy. The layered frame adds dimension and visual interest, nodding to traditional fireplace design but in a more pared-down simplistic style. The beige fireplace is set against a similar soft-white wall shade, keeping the colors minimal without feeling stark or sterile. The built-in firewood shelves are also a genius way to add more warmth to the minimal and cozy space.

Make a Monochromatic Statement

<p>Virginia Macdonald</p>

Designer Gillian Gillies wanted something sleek and minimal to compliment the decor in this century townhouse in Toronto. The all-black finish brings a modern and dramatic feel to the space while the framed look calls back to the original baseboards and plaster crown molding around the room.

Keep It Simple

<p>Lauren Taylor</p>

Sometimes, creating a modern fireplace look isn’t about making a statement, but instead about integrating the feature into the surrounding design. That’s what designer Bianca Ecklund did in this living room, keeping the fireplace simple and letting the tall ceilings and large windows do all the talking.

Add a Geometric Backdrop

<p>Lauren Taylor</p>

When the goal is minimalistic and modern, it can be difficult to evoke a soft and cozy feeling. But the warm tone of this terra-cotta fireplace, designed by Ecklund, is instantly inviting—and the herringbone pattern adds a fresh and cool appeal.

Create a Rustic Industrial Setting

<p>Matthew Millman</p>

For a mountain home set in Northern California’s idyllic Lake Tahoe, a rustic look is more than appropriate. Rather than opting for wood or brick, interior designer Jay Jeffers took a more unexpected route, surrounding the fireplace in steel, creating a cool and industrial finish set against a stunning natural landscape.

Combine Modern and Traditional Elements

<p>Matthew Millman</p>

The abstract artwork hung above this sleek black fireplace instantly sets a tone of modern sophistication for the whole room, designed by Jeffers. The more traditional brick pillar alongside the wall of the fireplace helps integrate the modern design into the natural setting of this mountain home.

Design a Dark and Moody Den

<p>Matthew Millman</p>

The dark wood surrounding this room, designed by Jeffers, creates a moody environment perfect for settling in and getting cozy with a book, a cigar, or an Old Fashioned (or all of the above). While the decor is opulent, the sleek fireplace balances everything out with its cool and simplistic style.

Balance Warm and Cool Elements

<p>Nick Sargent</p>

A traditional library with a fireplace can feel dated, but Jeffers found ways to infuse both vintage elements and modern accents in this space for a truly special and eclectic result. The luxurious grey stone fireplace is the focal point of the room and makes the space feel instantly updated, while the rust-colored walls envelop the space in warmth and keep the room feeling down to earth.

Go Chic and Parisian

<p>Courtesy of Studio M Chapeau and Chips collections, designed by Mat Sanders</p>

Courtesy of Studio M Chapeau and Chips collections, designed by Mat Sanders

A fireplace is a staple in many classic Parisian homes, so that’s a perfect place to find inspiration, as is evidenced in the above design by Mat Sanders, which features sculptural lighting and a statement mirror above the mantle. The warm-toned stone surround is sophisticated and elegant with a timeless appeal balanced by the green fluted wainscoting that upgrades the entire space.

Use Contrasting Colors

<p>Photography by Mike Van Tassell</p>

Photography by Mike Van Tassell

Contrast is a key element of good design, and what better to contrast and modernize the warm, rustic look of a fireplace than a cool blue tile? That’s what designer Lindye Galloway did in this upstate New York living room. The contrast is consistent throughout the rest of the room, as well, with warm wood tones and natural materials balanced with a cool grey couch and black accent pieces.

Mix Natural Materials

<p>Photography by Mike Van Tassell</p>

Photography by Mike Van Tassell

Natural materials are a perfect choice for a fireplace, and the combination of stone, concrete, and natural wood in this design by Galloway provide varied yet sleek visual interest. The built in cubbies for extra firewood below perfectly merge the indoor-outdoor feel of this cozy nature retreat in Hudson, New York.

Use Subtle Texture

<p>Photography by Sam Frost</p>

A neutral look doesn’t have to be boring. This design by Galloway keeps it minimal but amps up the texture with a fluted fireplace surround painted in the same shade as the walls.

Create a Cohesive Look

<p>Heidi Harris</p>

This modern fireplace is set in a Scandinavian style living room designed by Andi Morse of Morse Design. The grey stone surround provides a subtle contrast to the warm neutrals throughout the room, but the natural wood wall paneling immerses the fireplace into the design and creates a cohesive look.

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