15 Wellness-Inspired Mother’s Day Gifts For Her Home

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday again and if you haven’t yet, it’s worth considering a gift to make her – or their, for the givers with multiple moms on their list – home space more comfortable, enjoyable, healthy or (if you dare!) functional. Here are 15 wellness-inspired home-centric gift ideas for 2024.

Health and Fitness Gifts

  1. You can give the moms who love to work out a beautiful yoga mat, a set of small dumbbells with a rack, or a suspension exerciser.
  2. Health-centric gifts can also be kitchen-based. A few ideas include a countertop herb grower, portable induction burner, food processor or air fryer.
  3. The “fur baby” moms on your list are also concerned about the health of their four-legged kids. “Home cooking for dogs is trending right now,” observes Janice Costa, owner of Canine Camp Getaway, who suggests a multi-cooker for this purpose. “This helps make cooking in bulk a breeze!” she declares.

Comfort Gifts

  1. “A teapot or tea service can be a wonderful gift; folks often collect teapots so unique ones are great,” shares Nandita Godbole, chef, artist and author. (Coffee or wine drinkers can get sets devoted to their preferred libations instead.)
  2. “Gifting an herb like holy basil, which can grow (slowly) indoors or, if space permits, an indoor or windowsill greenhouse would be lovely too,” is another pair of Godbole ideas.
  3. Limited edition art with a personal connection is interior designer Laura McCroskey’s suggestion. That doesn’t have to be an expensive purchase, as art is sometimes assumed to be. Your gift can be a small engraving by a local artist your recipient admires, a beautifully framed drawing by an artist friend, or a framed landscape photograph that will evoke special memories for the recipient.
  4. Another McCroskey idea is a cozy pillow for bedroom or gathering space. Pillows can be casual or elegant, fuzzy or silky, depending on your recipient’s tactile preference.
  5. A bath or bed tray is perfect for the mom who works hard all day and deserves pampering during her off-times. (Bonus points for the bed tray: Sunday breakfast! Bonus points for the bath tray: Spa treats.)

Career Gifts

  1. I was one of those career-oriented parents, and can share a few gift ideas from that perspective. The first is quality sound speakers for her work from home space. It makes a huge difference when enjoying music at the desk.
  2. Another great career-oriented gift for Mother’s Day is a handsome set of desk organizers to make her workspace attractive and functional at the same time. This makes a difference in decluttering, with a nod to her taste and office style.
  3. Given that sitting is the new smoking, as a contributor to my Wellness by Design book shared, a desk riser that let’s your recipient stand at her desk is a great wellness gift.

Household Gifts

  1. These have gotten a bad rap from the days when women were expected to be housewives and functional gifts were less about her than about her chores. While the mom in your life may not (or may) welcome a vacuum cleaner, an air purifier that helps keep her spaces healthier is a welcome wellness gift.
  2. Another great household gift is a mini fridge to keep fresh water, fruit and healthy snacks in or near her home office or bedroom suite, (especially for the mom who has a larger home or mobility challenges).
  3. A great new Mother’s Day gift is one of the recently released showerheads with built-in water filtration. This will make shower time healthier for her skin and hair.
  4. Costa also suggests a few pet-centric household gifts, including a hand vac to address shedding. “If you want to go big on the cleaning front, a power steam mop is amazing for effortlessly getting rid of muddy paw prints and germs that can be dragged in. Or consider splurging on some of the latest laundry technology that’s designed specifically to remove dog hair from clothing, blankets, etc. — less hair on clothing helps to create a happier, healthier and more harmonious home for everyone!”


Author’s Note: Godbole, McCroskey and Costa were interviewed via social media in the last week.

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