20 Travel-Inspired Decorating Ideas to Evoke Your Favorite Destination

Showcase globes, maps, suitcases, and other accessories from your travels throughout your home.

<p>Ali Harper </p>

Most everyone has souvenirs from their travels, whether it’s shells from the beach, novelty T-shirts, or even just plenty of photos. Luckily, there are plenty of both subtle and bold ways to incorporate your love for travel into your home.

Hanging photos is simple, but you can also turn them into a statement by creating a gallery wall or even unique wallpaper. Or use photos of places you dream of going, maps, or subway routes for more graphic, abstract art. Small touches can also add elements of travel to your home. Vintage suitcases come in many colors and can be displayed to add extra storage or serve as an end table. Use these travel decor ideas as inspiration, then adapt them to fit your favorite places and trips.

Seashell Display

<p>Cameron Sadeghpour</p>

Large seashells from a beach vacation double as tabletop travel decor and as a way to display Polaroids. Smaller shells can also nest inside a larger shell as a way to show them off on a shelf or table. Place them next to a blue glass lamp reminiscent of sea glass to tie the coastal theme into the rest of the room.

Abstract Travel Wall Decor

<p>Adam Albright</p>

City maps make stunning travel wall decor and are a great way to remember some of your favorite (or dream) destinations. These pictures lean abstract, using the city streets to create a leaf-like design. The shades of green used on each map complement dark green wall paint.

Subtle Travel Decor

<p>Ann VanderWiel Wilde</p>

Small accents can help show your love for a destination without dominating a room. In this alcove, a simple metal sign shaped like the state of Minnesota hangs above a rustic dresser with other memorabilia. This travel wall decor fits into almost any room and can take the shape of a favorite country or city skyline.

Map Wall Art

<p>Laura Moss</p>

Using maps as wall decor is an easy way to incorporate graphic art in muted pastel colors. Despite varying color palettes, this trio of maps feels cohesive thanks to neutral frames with white mats. Bold navy walls help further showcase the travel decor.

Suitcase Bar Cart

<p>Laura Moss</p>

Cocktails (or zero-proof drinks) can definitely be part of a great vacation, so it’s only natural to incorporate travel decor into your home bar cart. A vintage suitcase is the focal point of this bar cart and acts as unique storage for a variety of bottles and bar tools. Antique drawers contain glassware and match the feel of the old-fashioned suitcase.

Seashell Storage

<p>Brie Williams</p>

Seashells are a popular beach souvenir, but finding a place to store them can be tricky. These embellished boxes are a beautiful way to display shells. Each box features a mosaic of shells while also providing storage on a living room mantel. Complete the look with other ocean souvenirs, like driftwood or sea glass, and vases and artwork with blue accents.

Entryway Travel Decor

<p>David A Land</p>

Display travel decor in your home’s entryway for a reminder of your favorite destinations every time you walk in the door. This console table includes a travel bag that’s ready to be grabbed for any adventure. Houseplants also help give the space a tropical feel, and the tabletop provides a surface to display travel photos.

Travel Wallpaper

<p>Brie Williams</p>

In addition to small accents, you can also add travel decor to your home on a larger scale. World maps paper the walls of this bedroom. The muted colors complement natural wood furniture and blue accents on the bed. The wallpaper contributes eye-catching texture without overwhelming the space.

Showcase Souvenirs


This living room features several souvenirs that work together in a subtle way. A gallery wall incorporates map artwork; its bright colors and abstract shapes coordinate with a globe perched on top of a bookcase. A bright blue vintage suitcase on one shelf nods to vacationing and pairs well with the navy velvet sofa.

Historical Wall Decor

<p>Alisal Ranch</p>

These large-scale framed maps act almost as an accent wall in this dining space. It includes historical boundaries and territory lines from the early days of the U.S., and its rustic appearance matches the wood-plank wall and vintage chairs. A large map can also serve as a way of tracking your travels across the country.

Bookshelf Display

<p>David Tsay</p>

If you enjoy collecting art on your travels, display them together on a shelf to blend souvenirs with your personal style. This bookcase includes a variety of vases, figurines, and sculptures from a variety of destinations. Natural materials like wood and earthy colors tie everything together.

Mural Accent Wall

<p>John Bessler</p>

Large-scale wallpaper prints can be overwhelming, but using them on an accent wall is a stylish way to add a bold pattern to a room. This living room has a tropical feel thanks to the blue and green mural of palm trees. The colors tie in with the area rug, and the graphic print contrasts the black-and-white striped seating.

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Vibrant Color Palette

<p>Dustin Halleck</p>

The rich jewel tones of this library create a luxurious feeling. Stacked vintage suitcases serve as an end table while matching a floral rug and dark cobalt walls. Shelves near the seating area provide an opportunity to display travel souvenirs like prints, decorative boxes, and figurines.

Surfing Inspiration

<p>Chad R. Mellon</p>

Add a nod to the beach without displaying shells or pictures of the coast. Instead, hang a surfboard patterned with typography for a sunny, ocean vibe that upgrades a blank wall. Pair with a wood vanity and blue bathroom floor tiles for a casual coastal aesthetic.

Photo Wall Treatment

<p>John Bessler</p>

A repeating pattern of coastal photos creates a bold but still neutral wallpaper in this bedroom. Customize walls with your own photos, or find a print that features professional photos from a dream destination. Pair with a blue painted ceiling and geometric light fixture to turn the room into a beachy paradise.

Coastal Travel Decor

<p>Jay Wilde</p>

Bring the beach to a small area of your home. In this room, seashells and starfish are displayed alongside ceramics featuring shades of blue. The seaside collection and cool colors help bring a coastal feel to a section of the room where dishes and serving platters are stored.

DIY Nightstand


Vintage suitcases take on a new function with this DIY bedroom decor. Stack three on top of each other to create just the right height for a nightstand next to the bed. Pair with a lampshade patterned with a map of the country to really highlight a travel theme.

Tropical Decor

<p>Carson Downing</p>

Large-scale botanical wallpaper creates a tropical aesthetic in this bedroom. The print complements green painted flooring and a leafy bedspread. Natural accents, including a woven leather headboard and rattan side table, make this room feel like a tropical destination.

Decorate with Globes

<p>Kritsada Panichgul.</p>

Go all-out with travel decor with a shelf full of globes. Here, the globes feature similar colors and are grouped by size for a cohesive look. Instead of buying new globes, shop secondhand or thrift stores for vintage varieties.

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Dining Room Souvenir Display

<p>Ali Harper</p>

Several decor items work together to create travel-inspired style in this dining room. A large print of a beach scene provides seaside inspiration, while a large shell and a piece of driftwood act as centerpieces for the table and credenza. A pendant light with natural fibers completes the look.

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