April 2023

Create a garden for all five senses |

Let us show you how to plant yourself happy with sensory garden ideas that will stimulate all the senses.

Sensory gardens are intimate outdoor spaces filled with enticing sounds, scents and textures, designed to delight. All gardens provide sensory experiences, but garden ideas with sensory at their heart will have a concentration of different elements that stimulate the five basic senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. 

These gardens are sometimes stimulating, sometimes calming, and offer tangible, visceral experiences that can evoke emotions and aid relaxation.

While sensory garden plants are for everyone, they are particularly beneficial to children,

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10 Sloping Garden Ideas: Landscaping tips for a tricky space

Looking for sloping garden ideas?

No garden is completely flat, unless a digger has been in and levelled the site. Many gardens are on a slope, which, when initially viewed, can be a little daunting.

Many questions are raised, such as what happens if it rains heavily? Will there be erosion of soil? Will the soil dry out? What plants can I grow? What is the easiest solution for getting from the bottom to the top? And, of course, many more. 

But a slope can add real interest to a garden and create a character all of its own. 


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16 low maintenance garden ideas for lush borders and fuss-free landscaping

Low maintenance garden ideas will help your outdoor space have impact year round, without an exhausting amount of upkeep to go with it. Ideal if you don’t have the greenest of fingers (or thumbs for our US readers) but still want to enjoy a

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6 Items From the Get It Done Home That Will Elevate Your Interior Design

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Find the thing that will give your home the “oomph” it needs.

<p>Yousee Studio</p>

When decorating a home, there are items that can add to a space, and then there are items that can transform it. For example, a unique ceramic vase can add some necessary shape and texture to a bookshelf display, while the bookshelf itself, depending on its style, can dictate the design story of the entire room. It’s good to have a balance of both complementary and statement pieces in every home—too

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12 design and planting tips |

With laid-back, alfresco living at their heart, Mediterranean garden ideas are all about spending time outside with friends and family, soaking up the beautiful surroundings, and recreating the feel of sunnier climes.

From the sleek and stylish gardens of Italy’s Amalfi coast, to the natural, rustic appeal of French farmhouse plots, Mediterranean gardens are brimming with garden ideas to borrow and recreate in your own home garden. 

Mediterranean garden ideas – where to start

Evoking the feel of Mediterranean garden ideas has a lot to do with the choice of planting, but the materials used for landscaping are also important

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How Long Do Steam Irons Last?

How Long Do Steam Irons Last?

You might wonder how long it will last if you just bought your steam iron. Additionally, you might have iron but aren’t sure if it will last you the following year. Most iron manufacturers will indicate that the iron can last from 10 to 20 years if used appropriately. However, it’s crucial to know that the life span of your steam iron will depend on many factors, such as how well you maintain it. When misused, your steam iron can become faulty within days or months.

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Interior Designers Share Their Best Traditional Design Tips

There’s nothing more timeless than a traditionally designed home. This aesthetic also happens to be very much on-trend right now. From coastal grandmother to grand millennial, what’s old is new again.

However, these spaces can be more challenging to create than other styles because they’re warmer and richer. They have a soul and feeling to them that contemporary and modern homes often do not.

So how do you make a traditional space stand out and look special? Here are some of the best tips, tricks, and

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Balcony garden ideas: 15 ways to create an oasis

These balcony garden ideas will help you create a beautiful space and reap the benefits of outdoor life, even if you live in the city and don’t have a traditional yard out large outdoor space.

Considering the weather conditions, such as the amount of sunlight the balcony gets how windy it can be, and of course, how much space you have, will help when deciding which flowers to purchase or grow. 

And, if you’re not sure where to start and need some fresh garden ideas to inspire you, we’ve asked the experts to share their balcony garden knowledge with us

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Japanese garden ideas: 11 design tips for a zen backyard

Japanese garden ideas are works of art. 

Immaculate, serene and perfectly poised, these gardens have often taken a lifetime of study and devotion to produce.

And we may not have much time in our own lives to put aside for learning the gentle art of cloud pruning, intricate gravel maintenance or Kanso (the Japanese equivalent of Feng Shui).

But we can take inspiration from these life-affirming garden ideas to bring a little magic, reflection and quiet contemplation to our own outdoor spaces. 

Japanese Garden Ideas

1. Introduce water into a Japanese style garden

A lake surrounded by plants and trees next to a traditional brick house

(Image credit: Future / Mark Bolton )

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Garden shade ideas: Simple design and planting tips

Garden shade ideas provide a wonderful opportunity to shelter from the glaring sun, create privacy in the garden, and plant unusual flora and fauna.

While they may present many unwanted challenges, the design possibilities to get creative with a shade garden are endless.

Think about a shaded spot as a multi-sensory experience of sight, sound and scent. Trickling water or swaying grass will feel cooling, while foliage is good at absorbing heat.

Our solutions for creating shade in a range of garden ideas will make an outdoor dining or seating area a pleasure to use on the bright days of

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