May 2023

22 Concrete Driveway Ideas to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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Concrete is a top choice for driveways since it’s durable, low-maintenance, and a functional material. It’s known for its longevity and ability to withstand heavy loads, but it may not be the first material to come to mind when it comes to choosing a material to enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Concrete has a smooth, clean finish so it blends seamlessly with modern design style—it’s also a very versatile material. Below, we share how you can incorporate a concrete driveway no matter what style your home exterior is—from patterned concrete driveways to simple upgrades.

Clean Lines

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This home features

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45 Rustic Decorating Ideas to Add Charm and Character to Your Home

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Warm wood elements, weathered linens, and vintage accents with a story—who doesn’t love a rustic-inspired space? If you love rustic style but are struggling to find the perfect way to incorporate accents into your home, you’ll undoubtedly want to look at these stunning rooms full of delightful decor.

Whether you’re in the market for stylish storage solutions, cozy bedding, chic tabletop pieces, or something else entirely, you’ll draw plenty of inspiration from the vignettes featured below.

Fill a Vase With Fresh Blooms

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A vase full of cheerful blooms is a must in any rustic home. Vases can be placed practically

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FirstBuild’s Strategy For Turning Unusual Ideas Into New Products

Traditionally, new products are closely guarded before being launched onto the market. Then, and only then, does the public get to weigh in with their feedback. The drawbacks of this approach are obvious. How can anyone be sure all that time and effort are worth it? You can’t! Typically, companies hedge their bets by launching the least risky new products — ones that aren’t that unique or really even all that new.

What if there was a different way to do product development?

What if you could collaborate with your fellow

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Meet the Designers of the 2023 REAL SIMPLE Home

These six designers are helping us create the waterfront penthouse of your dreams.

<p>Courtesy of Michelle Gage Interior Design</p>

Courtesy of Michelle Gage Interior Design

We’re already hard at work on our sixth annual REAL SIMPLE Home, a waterfront penthouse, in Brooklyn Heights, N.Y., just minutes from the Brooklyn Bridge. We’ve recruited six brilliant designers to help bring to life all the genius design and organizing ideas we’re known for. While the full reveal won’t happen until September (in the October issue and right here on, we’ll be sharing updates and sneak peeks along the way throughout the next four months. First up, meet

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9 Summer Decor Ideas to Cool Down and Freshen Up Your Home

A few small swaps and upgrades can make your home feel ready for warmer weather.

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Sprucing up your space for the summer doesn’t have to involve a hefty budget or a ton of your time. Sometimes the tiniest tweaks—such as swapping in lightweight throw pillows or incorporating breezy, organic textures—can make your home instantly feel more fresh and “of the season.” Plus, when you subtly reinvent your space it helps you fall in love with it all over again.

“When the birds start chirping and the bulbs start emerging, I know it’s time to think about updating

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8 Decorating Ideas That Will Give Your Home Summer Cabin Flair

If you’re stuck in the suburbs or a bustling city and crave the quaint coziness of a summer cabin, you’re not alone. Luckily, there are a few ways to tap into your home’s cabin potential. From wooden accents and rustic shelving to peel-and-stick accent walls, achieving this aesthetic is not as hard as it seems. Keep reading to learn how.

1. Classically Adirondack



Capture the rustic cabin feel by bringing in earthy, wood elements to your space. This retreat tucks you into a log bed surrounded by neutrals, honeyed wood tones, and the warm light of vintage light fixtures

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20 Modern Rustic Design Ideas That Combine Simple and Sleek

Bring this updated rustic style to each room of your home.

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While modern design is all about streamlined, functional elements with clean lines, combining it with rustic style brings a neutral color palette, natural textures, and warm, earthy tones. Think lots of natural wood, exposed beams, stonework, and leather furniture with accents of bright, modern colors, white walls, and open floor plans. Bringing these two styles together can create the ultimate relaxed, cozy room. Modern rustic design is easy to adapt into most rooms, including living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and even bathrooms, because it often highlights features your home already

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10 design rules for informal living room |

Family room ideas are the perfect spot for gathering as a household, entertaining and even a quiet spot of relaxation, therefore, it is imperative that we give the interior design of these spaces just as much consideration as we would the rest of the home. 

While the first reception room may be the place for more formal living room ideas aimed at hosting guests, a family room is the part of the house where movie nights reign supreme, the kids can indulge in their favorite board games, and the whole family can relax in each other’s company. 

If your home

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How to design a garden | Outdoor & Garden

Suss out the soil

Good soil is crucial for a healthy, beautiful garden. There are many different types – chalk, clay, sand, peat and loam – with loam the best of all. Knowing which type of soil you have will help you decide which plants you can grow, as well as how well they’ll grow once planted. It can also be important for landscaping projects, as some are harder to work with than others.

We also recommend testing your soil to find out its pH (the acidity). Some plants prefer ericaceous soil (acidic) while others like lime (alkaline) soil. And

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Fun at Home Date Night Ideas [Ways to Decorate]

Looking for a fun at-home date night? Maybe it’s the lasting impact of the pandemic. Or maybe it’s the cost of living crisis that’s affecting countries across the globe. Or perhaps it’s the rise of the gig economy that’s made everyone look a little closer to home for entertainment. Whatever it is, there’s no denying that fun at-home date ideas have a certain charm.

You don’t have to go very far to enjoy a little bit of romance or some quality time with loved ones. In fact, staying at home is the new going out – and there are plenty

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