June 2023

13 Design Ideas From the Homes of Cancer Celebrities

During my senior year of college, I lived with four of my friends in a house that became known as the treehouse. It didn’t get this name because it was a shaggy, lovable bungalow—it was because a tree literally fell on it right before we moved in. The house was pretty gnarly, and not just because people puked behind the couch at multiple parties. We used to park on the dirt-covered lawn, smoke cigarettes in the basement, and there was a mysterious newspaper-stuffed hole in my closet. We didn’t have a functioning roof until right before Hurricane Sandy touched

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Traditional home decor ideas that are making a comeback


Traditional home decor ideas that are making a comeback

June 27, 2023 | 05:42 pm
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Vintage vibe is back!

Generations, designs, trends, and tastes may change, however, there are a few home decor styles that stand the test of time and rarely fade away.

Today, some of the most popular ones that were once a rage during the 1980s and 90s, are now making a striking comeback to many homes.

Don’t believe us? Well, check these out yourself.

Wall art

Wall art used to be a constant part of one’s home decor back in the day.

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How to make your bed look more expensive

 A bed with curtains

A bed with curtains

We all love our downtime, and there’s no place better than the bed. Sprucing up this furniture and making it look expensive and luxurious will not only uplift the aesthetics of your room but also offer you the deepest, most peaceful sleep. Whether that includes investing in the fluffiest pillows, adding a statement headboard, or even carefully designing the area around it – all these factors can contribute to the bed of your dreams.

To help you with this, we spoke to top designers in the field who offered unique bedroom ideas to help the bed

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Luxury Italian Design House Cassina Opens Their Largest Store in West Hollywood

Highlighted by a display of its design collaboration with the late Virgil Abloh, high-end Italian furniture brand Cassina unveiled its largest store to date in May on North Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood.

“We are extremely excited to open the largest Cassina Store in Los Angeles, sharing our unique vision of the home with the American public,” says Luca Fuso, CEO of the almost 100-year-old company.

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Curation and arrangement of the very vivid showroom come courtesy of noted Spanish architect and the brand’s art director, Patricia Urquiola. Spread across 13,000 square feet, the massive

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10 Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts That Will Make Them Feel Right at Home

Photo Source: Adobe Stock

Getting invited to a housewarming party is exciting — if you say yes, you know you’re in for a night of good eats, good company, and a tour of your friend’s new home. But it also raises a tricky question: what should you get them as a housewarming present? Should you get them something they need or simply something they’d enjoy? Should it be small or big? What’s a reasonable budget? Will it work cohesively with the style and layout of their new space?

As with any other gift, the thought means more than the gift

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East Dallas interior designer shares tips for home decor

Kalee Fuqua Doche, who lives in the Junius Heights neighborhood adjacent to Lakewood, worked as an artist in partnership with interior designers for 20 years, creating murals and faux finishes. Four years ago, she pivoted to interior design herself and began working at her brother’s architectural firm, J Wilson Fuqua & Associates, Architects. She describes her own style as “eclectic,” but said she specializes in bringing clients’ own styles and visions to fruition.

Here are her tips for homeowners looking to spruce up the interiors of their homes. Answers may have been edited for length and clarity.

What are

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6 Decorating Tricks That Will Make Your Home Feel Like an Inviting Hotel

Hotel interior designers share their expert advice for creating a curated (never cold) home.

Communal table at the Graduate Palo Alto / Credit: D Mitchell

Communal table at the Graduate Palo Alto / Credit: D Mitchell

The most beautifully designed hotels have a way of combining home-like comforts with a sense of elevated luxury. They’re the kind of spaces where—the second you step foot inside—you instantly feel your shoulders relax and your mind slow down; you can’t help but look around and take it all in. It’s no wonder we wish we could bottle up some of that refinement and bring it home with us.

Take the Graduate Palo Alto,

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9 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like a Modern Resort

Newport Beach designer Raili Clasen shares her go-to ideas for making your home feel like a vacation.

<p>David Land</p>

Want to bring the relaxing feel of a vacation home with you? We asked Newport Beach interior designer Raili Clasen to share her favorite tips for making your home feel like a modern resort. The former surf industry executive turned coastal designer is sharing her insights for blending indoor and outdoor living, dining alfresco, and adding thoughtful touches, like a poolside shower for a quick post-dip rinse. With her advice, your family and friends may be booking their next getaway at your house.

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25 Entryway Lighting Ideas for a Warm Welcome

Highlight your home’s entrance with the right lighting for your space and style.

<p>Lauren Moss</p>

Proper lighting is not only vital for functionality, but it also adds a decorative touch to any area of the house. Your choice of entryway lighting is especially important since that’s where you gather your things for the day and the first place guests see when they enter your house. Entryway lighting can help you make a good first impression and provide a warm welcome, plus there are plenty of options, including overhead fixtures, tabletop lamps, and wall sconces. Browse some of our favorite entryway lighting ideas

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Welcome Home! 35+ Housewarming Party Ideas To Celebrate Your New Digs

Congratulations, new homeowner! You’ve found the perfect place and now it’s time to unpack, start decorating and have loved ones over to celebrate! But what will that celebration actually look like? We’ve got 35+ creative housewarming party ideas to help you plan the ultimate get-together in your new abode.

A cynic might say, “Congrats on your new home, which the bank actually owns for 30 years.” But you know what? We don’t have to be negative all the time. A new home is a reason to celebrate, regardless of what mortgage rate you got. While “Just come over and party”

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