July 2023

This designer’s genius ideas to make your home appeal to all your senses will change how you decorate forever

 a modern dining room in neutral tones

a modern dining room in neutral tones

Whether you’re looking for inspiration online, or flicking through a glossy interiors magazine, the way we consume interior design content makes it largely a visual medium. However, when you’re actually experiencing your home, it’s about so much more than sight alone.

Touch, hearing, smell – they all have a role in how our brains decipher a space and how our homes make us feel. It’s an idea that’s the backbone of an interiors movement often referred to as sensory design. ‘A sensory approach to interior design combines materials, colors, fragrances and sounds to

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8 Patio Decorating Ideas From Interior Designers

These smart patio decorating ideas will turn your outdoor space into an inviting, entertaining-friendly oasis.

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Whether it’s located in the front or back of your home, your patio has serious potential to become an inviting extension of your indoor living space. With that in mind, it makes a lot of sense to invest extra care into your patio so it feels cozy and welcoming to family and guests alike. With just a few designer-approved tweaks and some attention to detail—and lots of comfortable seating—your patio will quickly become a destination to kick back, soak up the outdoors, and make

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Heritage Collection Merges Past and Present by Preserving Historic Architecture

As travelers increasingly seek hotel experiences that delve into culture and tradition, The Heritage Collection – a new brand from Angsana, a member of the Banyan Tree Group – has unveiled a collection of curated properties in Mexico and Morocco that are steeped in ‘architectural heritage, history, and culture,’ and designed to offer intimate experiences that weave together the past and present.

One property, Hacienda Xcanatun, which is situated in Mexico’s Yucatan region, which is known for its lush tropical rainforests and historical significance as the home of the ancient Mayans. Angsana notes, “During Mexico’s colonial period, haciendas –

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25 Globe Light Ideas to Illuminate Your Home

Get inspired with these globe lighting ideas.

<p>Annie Schlechter</p>

Globe lights are a midcentury modern design trend that never fell out of favor. Their simple spherical silhouette gives them a versatility that conforms with almost any contemporary home style. The round edges help break up the angular features of a room, while the gentle halo of light casts a soft and sophisticated illumination. Be it a delicate string of small twinkling globes or a statement piece that presides over the dining table, globe lights can completely transform a space’s look and feel.

Center the Hallway


A large single globe light is a

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Laundry Room Ideas for a Beautiful and Organized space

Ashley Macuga of Collected Interiors in San Carlos, California, drew upon her New Orleans heritage when selecting Rebecca Atwood’s Marbled Ferns wallpaper for this laundry room. “It was the first selection we made of the laundry room, and was the inspiration for all that followed,” she says. She then selected a Visual Comfort pendant light to add depth and warmth, and explains that the custom flooring from Los Angeles–based Arto Brick was “deeply functional, as there are a lot of dirty cleats that are washed in the farmhouse sink.”

Where should a washer and dryer be placed in a small

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The best ideas for maximizing awkward, empty spaces in your home

Homes of all ages and styles tend to come with at least one design “challenge” in the form of an unconventional — even downright awkward — space. It might be a stair landing, an empty corner or even an entire room that you just don’t know what to do with. How do you bring style and function to those areas?

We posed that question to two highly sought-after Dallas interior designers: Roz Murphy, who runs the namesake firm Roz Murphy Design, and Lisa Patton, a principal behind Studio White Interiors. Here are their real-life examples for bringing every

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10 Healthy Home-Inspired Amazon Prime Day Deal Ideas

Have you been holding off on new purchases for your home until this week’s Amazon Prime Day deals? If you’re interested in making your house, condo, townhome, cabin or other dwelling safer, healthier, more accessible, functional, comfortable or joyful – i.e., fulfilling the five facets of wellness design – here are 10 items worth considering today or tomorrow. If you miss these deals, or prefer to shop locally, you can still take inspiration from these suggestions.

Health & Fitness Facet Deals

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These Halloween Nail Designs Are Frightfully Easy to Recreate at Home

halloween nail designs

15 Spooky and Cute Halloween Nail DesignsLiving After Midnite / Brit+Co

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Halloween is right at our fingertips—well, kinda. There’s still a little while until we need to start putting out our Halloween decorations and sending invites for our Halloween parties. But if you’re just itching to get into the spooky spirit, it’s not too soon to start getting some ideas. And speaking of our fingertips, what better way to welcome October than with some wickedly fun Halloween nail designs? Now, that’s an idea!

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Do modern designs and comforts work in historic homes? This Seattle residence says a definite yes

 living room with blue chairs and two white sofas with windows on two sides

living room with blue chairs and two white sofas with windows on two sides

This Mediterranean Revival home was built in 1910 and although the house has been updated a number of times since then, its layout and aesthetic were very much rooted in the past. This historic property was just waiting to be brought up to date.

Luckily the home’s new owners had an ambitious vision that was to put it among the world’s best homes, equipping it with modern systems, while remaining good stewards of the historic residence, by restoring it to its original condition true to

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5 Design Ideas for More Harmonious Multigenerational Living

The pandemic saw many American families with adult children share space temporarily, but the trend toward multigenerational living is here to stay. According to the Pew Research Institute, the number of cross-generational households in the United States has grown four times over since the 1970s. And in 2021, 18% of the population was living in a home with family members spanning generations. As a result, many architects have turned their attention to creating well-designed accessory dwelling units (ADUs) for backyards in low-density areas across the country to accommodate this new living reality.

Constructing an entirely new structure

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