21 Last-Minute Gift Ideas That Will Arrive Quicker Than You Can Say “Ho Ho Ho!”

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The only thing worse than showing up to a party empty-handed? Arriving with a gift that screams, “I bought this at the gas station on the way over.” But if you forgot to pick up a thoughtful memento before your holiday dinner or white elephant gift exchange, don’t fret. We’ve been there and done that, so we know a thing or ten about shopping at the eleventh hour. Better yet, we know at least 21 last-minute gift ideas that will arrive in time for all the festivities. Scroll on to find some of the most impressive last-minute gifts that won’t seem like an afterthought, from a MasterClass membership (from $10) to a Star Registration gift card ($50) and so much more.

The Top 10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Where to Buy Last-Minute Gifts

While you can buy last-minute gifts at almost all your favorite retailers and brands, the best place to shop really depends on just how little time you have left. If you have a couple of days, chances are you can order online with expedited shipping and be fine. If you have one day or less, look for retailers that have in-store pickup, same-day delivery or overnight shipping, such as NordstromAmazonMacy’sTarget and Walmart, to name a few. And if you’re working with less than one hour before go time, digital gift cards and subscription services are a thoughtful and instant gift option with no immediate shipping required.

No one has to know you procrastinated this year, especially when you’ve got these 21 gift ideas up your sleeve. You can thank us later.

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If they love quality bedding, cozy loungewear and luxurious bath essentials, a Brooklinen e-gift card will not disappoint. You can load up the card with up to $500 so they can snag some fancy-schmancy heathered cashmere sheets for the new year or an organic ribbed robe with an addictively cozy and soft texture. The possibilities will be endless, and the best part is that the digital card will be delivered right to their inbox, so there’s no shipping required.


Trade Coffee

Does your roommate spend way too much money on Starbucks? Surprise them with a coffee subscription! Trade Coffee will not only introduce them to a new brand every month, but as the gifter, you’ll be able to decide how many bags you wish to purchase (three to 24) and the custom gift message so they know exactly who it came from. Trust, once your roomie gets their first subscription box, they’ll be excited to try the over 450 coffee selections from across the country.

Buy It (from $60; $50)

Levain Bakery

A gift from NYC’s legendary bake shop, Levain Bakery, is just as sweet as the cookies themselves. No, seriously, they’re some of the gooiest and chunkiest cookies around. Not only are they baked fresh *daily* and hand-packaged to ship nationwide, but you can also send an assorted box of four, eight or 12 cookies. All of which include their original flavors: chocolate chip walnut, dark chocolate chocolate chip, dark chocolate peanut butter chip, and oatmeal raisin. Sound delicious? Well, that’s gift-giving at its finest.

Buy It (From $29)

Gourmet Gift Baskets

They’ll want to make room in the man cave for this hearty gift basket, which comes with not one, but *three* craft beers, as well as savory cheese, summer sausage and water crackers. Your dad, brother or beer-loving holiday host will love it, and it sure beats showing up with a six-pack from the gas station.

Buy It ($50)


A membership that includes access to countless classes—from cooking with Gordon Ramsey to scriptwriting with Shonda Rhimes—is the gift that keeps on giving. Not to mention, since this is a fully digital gift, your giftee can access it right away simply by logging in. Better yet, MasterClass videos can be viewed on smartphones, personal computers, Apple TVs, Amazon FireTVs and Roku streaming services, so your recipient can access them from just about anywhere. You can also get class recommendations for them (you know, to give the gift a personalized touch). Oh, and did we mention that MasterClass is running a deal that scores you *two* memberships for the price of one, so you can get in on the action, too? It’s a win-win.


Did you forget to pick something up for your little niece and nephew? They’ll love this subscription box that delivers stage-based play essentials for ages 0 through 4. Each play kit includes toys created by child development experts that are specifically designed for a kid’s particular learning stage. For example, 3- to 4-month-olds are given the Charmer play kit, a set of 11 toys that help babies develop their motor skills, learn to make sounds and use multiple senses at once. Meanwhile, 40- to 42-month-olds get the Storyteller play kit that helps them build a positive association with reading and math through puzzles, problem-solving and imaginative play. Translation? That favorite aunt award is practically guaranteed. BTW, their parent will get to choose the delivery date once activated, so it’s convenient for everyone.



Send your resident Disney buff a monthly membership to the streaming platform so they can access all of their favorite shows and movies, not limited to the entire Skywalker Saga and Glee seasons. With the $20 duo premium membership, they can also have an ad-free experience and download their favorite titles to watch on the plane back home.

Star Registration

Want a gift that’s truly out of this world? How about an actual star? Yes, there is such a thing as buying (naming) a star, and the process will take them only five to ten minutes to complete in a few simple steps. Prices start at $40 for a visible standard star with normal brightness, so this gift card will have them covered, though you can also spring for a higher amount so they can snag a star within a famous constellation. They’ll receive a personalized star certificate as a keepsake, as well as a star map, which will help them locate their new celestial namesake. They can also use an app to find their star in the night sky, so if there’s any last-minute gift they’ll never forget, it’s this right here.

Buy It (from $50)

Chicago Steak Company

Got a big ol’ carnivore on your list? Their mouths will water over this prime steak assortment, which includes two premium Angus filet mignons, two Angus boneless strips, two Angus top sirloin and two Angus ribeyes. It’s all delivered overnight from the Chicago Steak Company in a reusable cooler with more than enough dry ice to ensure they arrive frozen, so you can bet this steak box won’t go to waste. In fact, the hand-cut steaks are aged between 28 and 40 days, so their flavor is top-notch. But don’t just take our word for it. One reviewer shares, “The steaks are always excellent. I have been a customer for a few years, and it never fails to impress.” If it can impress one customer for years, it can definitely impress the meat lover in your life this holiday season.

Buy It ($320; $240)


Take your stylish friend’s fashion game to the next level with this customized styling service and subscription box. First, they’ll be connected to a personal stylist that helps get a feel for their preferences. From there, they can look forward to up to 12 pieces of hand-selected clothing based on their tastes. Whatever they like, they can purchase and keep, and whatever they don’t like, they can send back free of charge, so you really can’t go wrong. BTW, if you cover their $40 styling fee, it’ll go towards any of their clothing purchases (though you can cover those, too, as part of the gift).

Buy It (from $40)

The Adventure Challenge

Packed with *30* fun, engaging and adventurous activities that will keep kids entertained for hours on end (with minimal supervision), this booklet will not only win over kids but their parents, too. Plus, the interactive scratch-off design will help them keep track of all the challenges they’ve completed and all the ones they have to look forward to, like building a house made of snacks and playing “Nature Bingo.” So while this gift may come in a small package, it brings on big fun that any kid will enjoy.

Buy It ($40; $30)

The Sill

Send this digital gift card to a friend with a green thumb so they can add a few more plant babies (like a tropical palm and mini cactus) to their family. And with a 30-day customer happiness guarantee, the brand is bound to have something they’ll love, which is all the more reason to send this their way.


If they’re always dragging you to escape rooms in person, this crate has their name written all over it. It basically brings the mystery-solving experience to their own home with a ton of riddles and puzzles to conquer on their own or with up to six players. The games are designed for kids (and adults) over 10 years old and are supposed to take two to three hours to complete, but they can take breaks and stretch out the game for as long as they want. You can choose to send them multiple boxes spread out for up to a year, so they’ll never run out of new challenges to keep their mind engaged.

Buy It (from $27)


Matcha isn’t just a drink, it’s a lifestyle. So whether your bestie is already obsessed with the bright green coffee-alternative or open to trying new things, this set, which has buyers raving in the review section, is sure to put a smile on their face. Featuring a stainless-steel sifter, bamboo whisk and a colorful step-by-step guide on how to make delicious matcha at home, it’s the type of present they can use over and over again, while picking up a new skill. All for just $15 and one-day delivery with Prime? You can’t beat it.



This is the perfect present for people who are always manning the bar. That’s because it comes with eight small books organized by base ingredient (whisky, rum, gin, vodka, tequila, Champagne, sherry and amaro), so new cocktail recipes are just a page away. But here’s why one buyer is obsessed: “I love how it has interesting background information and history on every cocktail, simple recipes and even tells you what kind of glass each should be served in…The back of every booklet also has a notes section where you can write down your own recipes for reference.” Say no more; your wannabe mixologist will love it.


If they’re a bookworm, you can gift them up to a year-long subscription to Audible which will give them access to thousands of books from their device. But what if they already have a membership, you ask? No worries, you can send them credits to purchase even more audiobooks to take their collection to the next level.



Have they ever wondered which Friends character they are? Or what kind of dating advice Joey would give them? This book includes all that, along with tips for mastering the art of the comeback with Chandler, recipes from Monica and in-depth profiles of each of the characters. It’s kind of like all six of the Friends are sitting in their living room with them. Could there be a better gift than that? (Buy a backup for yourself and thank us later.)

$15; $11 AT AMAZON


Limiting screen time is tough when our phones also function as our cameras. Instead, gift an instant digital camera to the host of your celebration and watch guests have a blast taking photos the “old-fashioned” way. Everyone will go home with a memento from a fun night because, yes, it instantly prints up to 25 2-by-3-inch images on a single charge. Better yet, the prints are durable, water-resistant, tear-resistant *and* smudge-free, per the brand, so their memories will last a lifetime.

$80; $50 AT AMAZON


Have a loved one who just moved to a new city? Give them a taste of home with this digital gift card. Whether they’re longing for a New York City babka or a Chicago deep-dish pizza, they can find whatever they’re craving on Goldbelly and have it sent directly to their door.



If you can’t give them a hug in person, this weighted blanket is the next best thing. Not only is it super cozy, it also comes with a list of purported benefits, from providing security to improving sleep quality. You can choose from a variety of weights and colors to best suit their needs and preferences, but each blanket has seven layers to ensure it’s soft, cooling and comfortable for year-round use. According to the brand, it’s filled with nontoxic glass beads that are evenly distributed in each pocket, so it provides the perfect hug for your giftee.

from $55; $30 AT AMAZON


Have friends who aren’t great at cooking? Send them their favorite dish in a prepped meal kit so they can learn step-by-step how to make it at home. Yup, it’s that easy, and who wouldn’t love skipping a grocery store run? Talk about a super convenient gift that can purchased at the very last minute.

BUY IT (from $57)

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