25 Entryway Lighting Ideas for a Warm Welcome

Highlight your home’s entrance with the right lighting for your space and style.

<p>Lauren Moss</p>

Proper lighting is not only vital for functionality, but it also adds a decorative touch to any area of the house. Your choice of entryway lighting is especially important since that’s where you gather your things for the day and the first place guests see when they enter your house. Entryway lighting can help you make a good first impression and provide a warm welcome, plus there are plenty of options, including overhead fixtures, tabletop lamps, and wall sconces. Browse some of our favorite entryway lighting ideas to inspire and illuminate your space.

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Traditional Entryway Lighting

<p>Hector Sanchez </p>

Formal meets colorful in this cozy foyer. The classic lines of the furniture blend beautifully with the vibrant patterns in the front door and area rug. As you walk into this home, you’re greeted by a vintage brass and glass pendant light in a unique onion shape.

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Entryway Pendant Lights

<p>Julie Soefer</p>

Align a lengthy hallway at your home’s entrance with a trio of matching pendant lights. The black iron industrial lantern style light fixtures add a subtle contrast to the otherwise light and airy farmhouse foyer.

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Antique Elegance

<p>Laurey Glenn </p>

The natural and earthy color scheme of this foyer is enhanced by the choice of vintage furniture and decor pieces that sit at the base of the spiral staircase. Just above and front of the console table hangs a geometric light fixture in a striking gilded iron and glass panes style.

Contemporary Chandelier

<p>Lisa Romerein</p>

Make a bold statement by installing a modern work of art in the center of the ceiling. A multi-tiered candelabra in a combination of iron and wood is bound to draw eyes upward while simultaneously making jaws drop. The all-white color scheme allows you to have fun with the rest of the entryway’s decor and include elements like a patterned rug and a stairwell gallery wall.

Patterned Table Lamps

<p>Annie Schlechter</p>

A simple yet stunning cork console table houses a set of lamps which flank an entryway mirror and catch-all tray. The leafy green lamp shades stand out against the bold, tropical patterned wallpaper. For an extra source of light—especially on busy mornings or late nights—you can add an elegant overhead fixture that won’t detract from the rest of the room’s design.

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Minimalist Entryway Lighting

<p>Kim Cornelison</p>

Keep with a minimalistic theme in your entryway by including an understated light fixture. If you have a well-organized coat closet to hide most of your clutter, install a small scale and semi flush mounted ceramic fixture above a simple floating bench and boot tray. The blue and white stripes add a hint of color to the remaining black, gray, and white fabric patterns in the area rug and throw pillows.

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Colorful Accent Wall

<p>Marty Baldwin</p>

A cheery yellow accent wall is a welcome sight when returning home. Tack on a few entryway essentials—such as a stool for seating and drop zones for storage—before adding the finishing touches. Hang a round gold mirror above the console and affix a pair of gold and cream shaded sconces to either side for a balanced look.

Sophisticated Entryway

<p>Tria Giovan</p>

Greet guests with an entryway console that’s as pretty as it is functional. The natural materials of the storage baskets and tray along with the intricately embellished accent mirror are topped off by a pair of wall sconces. The multi-arm tapered candle set can be adjusted so that the light hits just right.

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Highlight Framed Art

<p>King Au</p>

A curved niche just off the front door is an ideal place to hang an impressive crystal chandelier. The modern metal twist on it cools down the rosy colors in the entryway area rug, the fresh flower arrangements on top of the wood dresser, and the tall splash art print that hangs just below the light fixture.

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<p>Laura Moss</p>

Adorn a classic foyer with delicate Greek decor. The neutral color scheme, arched doorway, and quintessential key pattern found etched into the console table lay the groundwork for a hanging gold and glass box candelabra that exudes old world charm.

Add Vintage Flair

<p>Robert Brinson</p>

A distressed dresser provides unique storage in the entryway while also serving as surface space for lighting. Here, an elegant teardrop table lamp sits on a crystal base, adding timeless elegance to the space. The faint print peeking out from inside the shade brings a pop of pattern to the fixture.

Entryway Chandelier Idea

<p>Peter Margonelli</p>

As you walk through this Craftsman-style door and look up to the tongue and groove ceiling, you’re met with a decorative wrought iron chandelier. The cream colored candelabra shades blend beautifully with painted walls and custom molding.

White Entryway Lighting

<p>Lauren Moss</p>

While an all white entryway may bask in natural daylight, it’s smart to ensure adequate lighting come evening time. To cover your bases, include an overhead glass pendant across from the front door, a polished table lamp on the console, and a picture light above artwork on a nearby wall.

Install Task Lighting

<p>Christopher Testani</p>

A comfy spot to sit and tie or take off your shoes is a necessity in the entryway. Here, an under-the-staircase bench draped in plush pillows and a tufted cushion provides just that. This space is so cozy under the warm glow of the adjustable cone lamp that you could even turn the space into a relaxing reading nook.

Geometric Greetings

<p>Jonathan Mark Denby</p>

Create a fun experience for any guest who walks through your entryway by incorporating lively colors and patterns in the design details. From custom door molding and a triangle patterned sideboard to a diamond motif rug and abstract side table, the only thing left to add is an eccentric light fixture. This black and gold globe pendant stands out yet still matches the foyer’s furniture and staircase banister.

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Coastal Entryway Sconces

<p>John Bessler</p>

Whether you lean towards a nautical theme or a coastal design style, you can easily give your entryway a beachy look and feel—no matter where you live. The bright blue and white color scheme plus console decor such as sea glass vases and oversized shells pair perfectly with a porthole style mirror and a set of lantern shaped sconces.

Simple Entryway Lighting

<p>Jared Kuzia</p>

Effortlessly mix a relaxed, rustic atmosphere with up-to-date elements by embracing a modern farmhouse style in the entryway. A pair of uniquely-shaped matte black candelabra sconces and a contemporary flush mount ceiling light are a stark contrast to the neutral shiplap walls and modest drop zone features.

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Use Taper Candles

<p>Nathan Schroder</p>

To create a serene scene when you enter the house, try using a variety of candles as your lighting source. A few copper taper candlestick holders atop of an antique entryway table and an adjacent wall-mounted candle sconce are all that’s needed to tie the look together and make a bold style statement.

Colorful Light Fixtures

<p>Anne D. Schlechter</p>

An elongated foyer lined with traditional pieces, from a Persian rug to mid century modern furniture, gets a dash of sparkle with an overhead multi-arm pendant light in a bright brass gold.

Black and White Entryway

<p>Anne D. Schlechter</p>

The classic color combination of black and white is given some personality in this entryway. A decorative oar near the front door, a distressed sign overhead, and a gorgeous gold and glass pendant light with subtle star detailing adds color and character to the space.

Pair of Pendant Lights

<p>Adam Albright</p>

Illuminate an entryway walkway by strategically placing a pair of large brass tapered pendant lights above and along a colorful rug runner. These light fixtures are both practical and eye-catching.

Unique Entryway Lighting

<p>Helen Norman </p>

Amp up an eclectic entryway by installing a distinctive overhead metal and glass lighting fixture in the shape of a star. Here, the unique fixture highlights the coat rack, diverse flooring, and the creative decor surrounding the console.

Small Entryway Lighting

<p>John Bessler </p>

A small entryway doesn’t always allow you to experiment with different design ideas. It’s best to keep it simple by including a console with storage that fits a narrow nook and mounting a single and subtle shaded sconce light on a nearby empty wall.

Classic Pendant Light

<p>Robert Brinson</p>

An open and airy entryway gets an edge with a semi flush lantern pendant sitting square in the middle of the ceiling. The matte black finish complements the dual door hardware and hinges.

Colorful Entryway Lamp

<p>Paul Costello</p>

The color blue is welcome in almost every space because of its calming quality. Here, a chinoiserie patterned table lamp with a voluminous navy lamp shade sparks visual interest amongst an otherwise neutral entryway.

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