25 Globe Light Ideas to Illuminate Your Home

Get inspired with these globe lighting ideas.

<p>Annie Schlechter</p>

Globe lights are a midcentury modern design trend that never fell out of favor. Their simple spherical silhouette gives them a versatility that conforms with almost any contemporary home style. The round edges help break up the angular features of a room, while the gentle halo of light casts a soft and sophisticated illumination. Be it a delicate string of small twinkling globes or a statement piece that presides over the dining table, globe lights can completely transform a space’s look and feel.

Center the Hallway


A large single globe light is a great way to center a hallway, especially one with a high ceiling. This white globe pendant anchors the space, contrasting the black storage units while simultaneously celebrating their curves.

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Go Transparent

<p>Kyle Burdg</p>

Keep your kitchen looking clean and fresh with a transparent glass globe light. Clear globe lights create a contemporary look that appears understated in natural light yet transforms into a feature as the sun sets.

Three Is the Magic Number

<p>Annie Schlechter</p>

Anchor your kitchen island with a trio of globe pendants. These simplistic globes are suspended from decorative silver chains that match the chrome door pulls and metallic appliances, creating a cohesive design.

Subtle Yet Exceptional

<p>David A Land</p>

This transparent bubble-like globe light elegantly encases a white pendant fixture, creating a design that subtly references the table beneath.

Bathroom Globe Lights


Globe lights provide the perfect ambient glow for a relaxing soak in the tub. Introduce them as a single dangling pendant, or double up with twin globe sconces on either side of the mirror. 

Try a Colorful Globe

<p>Ray Kachatorian</p>

Globe lights have evolved beyond plain glass spheres into an array of different colors, making them into a striking decorative feature even when turned off. This smoky brown globe pendant immediately elevates this simple kitchen design, perfectly complementing the dark wood dining table, floor, and tile backsplash.

Opt for a Mirror Ball Globe


Add a festive touch to your living room with a mirrored ceiling light. The reflective chrome surface shines like a disco ball, bringing a retro and space-age feel to the space. 

Create Ambient Lighting

<p>Kim Cornelison</p>

You might have noticed that some globe lights have an opening at the bottom, while some are entirely enclosed. Enclosed pendants, like this white one, cast a gentle light that’s best for ambient lighting, whereas open-bottom designs can also be used for task lighting. 

Globe Chandelier

<p>Lincoln Barbour</p>

Make a statement with a globe chandelier featuring a small cluster of white globes. The radial silhouette of this globe chandelier creates a point of visual interest that defines the dining area.

A Bunch of Globes


The classic mid-century spheres have been reimagined for a contemporary home, perfectly balancing form and function. This bunch of globes creates a striking centerpiece in this eclectic dining room.

Pay Attention to Detail

<p>Buff Strickland </p>

Here the white globe lights sport an aged brass finish that matches the knobs and pulls on the kitchen cabinets, bringing glowing warmth to the monochrome kitchen design.

A Cascading Cluster


The irregularity of the cascading cluster captures attention and draws the eye to the dining table, where they create a playful distribution of light.

Kitchen Task Lighting


Distribute globe lights over the central points of a large kitchen to optimize the lighting across the space. Focus on the key areas, such as the sink and food prep stations, and fit the globes with a bright white bulb.

Light Up the Island

<p>Jay Wilde</p>

Globe lights are a cost-effective and functional way to elevate your kitchen. They look great positioned above a kitchen island.

Understated Yet Stylish


Not all globe lights need to take center stage. This understated globe pendant lends additional light to the sink area yet still looks suitably stylish.

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Enhance a Focal Point

<p>Max Kim-Bee</p>

Globe lights don’t always dangle from the ceiling. Orbs make great wall sconces. Globe wall lights flank the painting in this green living room, drawing attention to the artwork.

Flank a Bathroom Mirror

<p>Tria Giovan</p>

Give your bathroom a facelift with stylish globe sconces. Position one on either side of the mirror for symmetry and even illumination.

Make it Multi-Functional


Make your globe light multi-purpose by using it to hang a round leather strap mirror. It’s the perfect set up for above a bathroom vanity.

Opt for a Rustic Globe Pendant


Check out this globe pendant with an industrial twist. Beyond adding stylistic value, the shade also turns ambient light into task lighting by concentrating the light downwards.

Enhance the Bathroom


Here, the brass finish matches the gold wallpaper, bathroom fixtures, and fittings, while the translucent globe enhances the shine, even when switched off.

Multi-Functional Ceiling Fan

<p>Tria Giovan</p>

Why choose between lighting or air flow when you can have both? The globe light elevates this ceiling fan into a stylish feature that keeps your deck bright and breezy 24/7.

Mix and Match Globes


Different styles and sizes of globe lights have been used in this kitchen to create visual interest. Use a large globe pendant over the island or peninsula to emphasize the space’s focal point. Install small flush globe lights as task lighting over the workspace.

Starry Night

<p>Brie Williams</p>

Curate the perfect ambiance for dining al fresco with globe string lights strung across the ceiling of your deck. The canopy of string lights twinkle, providing an even low-light glow and giving your outdoor space a uniquely magical touch.

Double Up

<p>Jay Wilde</p>

The classic opal glass shades of this sconce cast soft ambient light over the sink, creating a relaxing and inviting bathroom atmosphere.

Use a Dimmer Switch

<p>David A Land</p>

These globe pendants add retro flair and provide additional brightness for relaxing in the tub. All you need is a dimmer switch to adjust the light levels accordingly.

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