25 Over-the-Top Maximalist Bathroom Ideas

Give your bathroom a “more is more” makeover with these bold and beautiful ideas.

<p>Adam Albright</p>

If you’ve been itching to implement maximalist style into your home, there’s no better spot to start than a bathroom. It’s private, typically small in size, and can easily be closed off—which makes it an ideal candidate for an over-the-top makeover. Maximalism embraces the “more is more” design rule, layering contrasting patterns, bright colors, and different textures. The style incorporates whimsical elements and oversized features, and often takes a thematic approach to design.

The key to successfully implementing a maximalist style is in the thoughtful layering of design elements that don’t necessarily match in the traditional sense. From bold color schemes and unexpected design pairings to statement wallpaper ideas and fun accent walls, browse this collection of maximalist bathroom ideas to give your space a serious wow factor.

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Oversized Floral Wallpaper

<p>Werner Straube</p>

This oversized floral wallpaper puts an edgy spin on classic bathroom florals and fills the powder room with a moody ambience. Channeling the maximalist aesthetic, it’s classic yet updated and pairs beautifully with luxury finishes such as marble and brass and a sophisticated feature like a console-style vanity.

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Black and White Maximalist Bathroom

<p>Brittany Ambridge</p>

Put a maximalist spin on a black and white bathroom with a graphic wallpaper, a chic marble and acrylic vanity, and shiny brass accents. To make a limited color palette look interesting, use the colors in a variety of ways—through solid and patterned surfaces, contrasting textures, and different styles layered next to one another.

Modern Meets Vintage

<p>Tamara Flanagan</p>

A key characteristic of maximalism is layering contrasting styles next to one another. This bathroom serves as a perfect example: modern elements such as sleek cabinets and a geometric wallpaper print are juxtaposed with vintage-inspired features like a wall-mounted farmhouse sink, a distressed area rug, and schoolhouse style wall sconces.

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Maximalist Bathroom Lighting

<p>Robert Peterson</p>

A statement wall sconce with an extra-long base and a hot pink lampshade makes for a perfectly maximalist complement to a vibrant turquoise wallpaper. Don’t be afraid to include multiple statement features, whether it’s wallpaper, vanity lighting, or artwork, in a small bathroom. Pick one unifying element, such as a color, and start layering.

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Maximalist Bathroom with Mixed Patterns

<p>Kim Cornelison</p>

Mix patterns to channel a maximalist aesthetic in your bathroom. Wallpaper is one way to introduce pattern, but for a more subtle approach, bring in contrasting patterns through a unique tile arrangement. In this modern bathroom, a herringbone tile arrangement on the floor meets a horizontally stacked tile arrangement on the walls for a cool and contemporary pattern play.

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Painted Architectural Details

<p>Nathan Schroder</p>

Architectural details such as baseboards, crown molding, and door trim provide an opportunity to get creative with another layer of color. Instead of leaving them a standard white color, maximize character with a stand-out paint color that highlights the room’s details and ties in other design elements such as wallpaper.

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Maximalist Bathroom Tile

<p>James Nathan Schroder</p>

Bathroom tile is a great vehicle for making a dramatic design statement. In this rustic maximalist bathroom, a tiled wall featuring a geometric star pattern creates a gorgeous backdrop for an ornately decorated gold mirror whose warmth ties in the intricately carved wood vanity that holds a modern white sink.

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Blue Maximalist Bathroom

<p>Laura Moss</p>

A deep blue grasscloth wallpaper sets a moody tone in this maximalist bathroom. Unique wrought iron accents elevate the small space and a mirror and two mirrored sconces help bounce light around. A medallion-style floor tile ties in the blue color scheme and along with shiny brass accents, it adds another layer of visual interest in true maximalist style.

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Traditional Maximalist Bathroom

<p>Adam Albright</p>

Traditional elements such as a brass light fixtures, a colorful wallpaper, woven bamboo blinds, and an elegant double vanity give this maximalist bathroom an air of timeless sophistication. The classic features provide decorative details without looking busy or overdone and are balanced out with modern touches such as an egg-shaped tub, simple floor tile, and a cool gray paint color on the vanity.

Maximalist Bathroom Wallpaper

<p>Werner Straube</p>

This powder room may be filled with neutral colors, but the soft color scheme certainly doesn’t cramp its maximalist style! A statement wallpaper featuring a butterfly print adds a playful energy to the more traditional bathroom features such as a console-style vanity, wall paneling with elegant picture frame molding, and a pair of ornate sconces with cream shades.

Orange and Brown Bathroom

<p>Werner Straube</p>

Orange and brown create an unexpected color pairing in this striking maximalist bathroom. The two saturated shades exude warmth, which is enhanced with shiny brass hardware and lighting and a clean-lined wood vanity. If you want to install wallpaper but are looking for ways to cut costs, consider only using wallpaper on the top half of the wall and supplementing with painted beadboard on the lower half.

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Whimsical Wallpaper

<p>Julie Soefer</p>

Maximalist style embraces whimsy through playful features such as this pineapple wallpaper. Thick pink baseboards echo the whimsical aesthetic, while a blue walk-in shower with brass hardware adds a vintage-inspired touch of nostalgia.

Layered Maximalism

<p>Adam Albright</p>

A maximalist bathroom doesn’t need to be dark and moody as this charming, light-filled bathroom proves. The success of this design lies in thoughtful layering of shapes, materials, textures, and colors. From the delicate green and white wallpaper to the rattan cabinet front details, every component enhances the overall look and emphasizes the maximalist theme.

Flamingo-Themed Maximalist Bathroom

<p>Julie Soefer</p>

This pink and white bathroom is the epitome of maximalist style. It embraces whimsy with a flamingo-themed wallpaper, artwork, and decorative accents, it layers contrasting shapes through a scalloped side table and honeycomb-shaped shelves, and it uses bright colors and shiny metals for a truly memorable design.

Lime Green Maximalist Bathroom

<p>Emily Followill</p>

Inject a big dose of optimistic energy and maximalist style into your bathroom with lime green accents. Use the citrus-inspired green shade on the vanity, mirror, through wallpaper, and small decorative accents such as planters or soap holders, and balance it out with pops of other brights such as pink and purple.

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Maximalist Bathroom Update

<p>Better Homes and Gardens</p>

Instead of gutting an outdated bathroom with old tile and fixtures that are anything but current, make them an integral part of a maximalist refresh. Take inspiration from this green bathroom where old-school mint green tile is no longer an eyesore, because a dramatic palm leaf wallpaper instantly grabs your attention and ties in the green tile. A pair of elegant wall sconces, a roman shade with a Greek key boarder, and a simple frameless mirror add a sophisticated touch and complete the maximalist bathroom update.

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Maximalist Accent Wall

<p>Kim Cornelison</p>

One of the best ways to implement maximalist style into a bathroom is with a statement-making accent wall. Here, a colorful wallpaper on the vanity wall creates movement and vibrancy that’s layered with a more subtle pattern on the shower curtain and color block stripes on the floor made up of black and white penny tiles.

Maximalist Bathroom Ceiling

<p>Marco Ricca</p>

Turn your bathroom into a tropical paradise and embrace the maximalist ceiling trend with a jungle-themed wallpaper that extends from the walls to the ceiling. Pull a color from the statement wallpaper and use it on the bathroom vanity, hang a woven bamboo shade on the window, and bring in a rustic wood stool to tie the space together.

Bold Floral Wallpaper

<p>Julie Soefer</p>

A stunning blue wallpaper with an oversized floral design steals the show in this maximalist bathroom. Shiny brass hardware, furniture, and lights pair beautifully with the dark blue walls and along with the thick quartz countertops, they infuse the space with luxury and elegance.

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Maximalist Pink Bathroom Vanity

<p>Emily J. Followill</p>

Maximalist style meets Barbiecore in this playful bathroom. An unexpected paint color such as this hot pink on the bathroom vanity creates an element of surprise and a natural focal point. To implement the “more is more” maximalist mantra without using multiple bright colors, take cues from this whimsical space and pair one bold color with an equally bold yet neutral colored pattern such as this black and white wallpaper.

Maximalist Bathroom Art

<p>Jean M. Allsopp</p>

A cool gallery wall isn’t reserved just for hallways and living rooms, incorporate one into your maximalist bathroom for an extra layer of visual interest. Layer a patterned wallpaper with one large statement piece of art and pair it with smaller, more abstract pieces with contrasting frames.

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Pastel Bathroom Design

<p>James Nathan Schroder</p>

A soft shade of pastel pink on the vanity, mirror, and trash can adds a sweet touch a gray and white geometric wallpaper in this maximalist bathroom. A leaf print wallpaper in the hallway incorporates the same muted colors while introducing a contrasting pattern, and a turquoise step stool brings in a pop of bright energy perfectly fitting for this charming kids’ bathroom.

Pink and Green Color Scheme

<p>John Bessler</p>

A vibrant green wallpaper featuring a small-scale leaf print is a charming match for classic white beadboard in this small bathroom. Sometimes all it takes is one element, such as the saturated fuchsia door, to give a space that maximalist edge. Build on that with artwork and decor for a thoughtfully layered design.

Nature-Inspired Maximalism

<p>John Bessler</p>

Nature is the inspiration in this green, white, and brown maximalist bathroom. A tree print wallpaper introduces bold color and pattern, only to be paired with a more organic tree-themed element: a row of birch branches. A dark wood vanity and a just rug continue the natural theme, while contemporary style sinks and a freestanding bathtub bring modern, clean-lined elements.

Maximalist Bathroom With Wood Trim

<p>Emily J. Followill</p>

Rich wood tones and detailed paneling may be an unexpected design mate for fuchsia accents and contrasting patterns, but they pack a serious punch in this maximalist bathroom. Even though the room is busy, the consistency of colors and materials creates visual balance and harmony.

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