7 Things You Don’t Know About Lowe’s, According to Its Employees

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ivanastar / Getty Images

When it comes to home and outdoor products, Lowe’s is known for featuring a plethora of options and impressively low prices. While this home improvement warehouse has been around for 76 years, there are still some trade secrets you might not know about it.

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To help you have a more informed experience the next time you’re in the store, here’s a roundup of seven things you likely don’t know about Lowe’s from Lowe’s employees — and the best ways to save when shopping.

Rafal Olkis / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Rafal Olkis / Getty Images/iStockphoto

You Can’t Return Tinted Paint

You might be surprised to discover that Lowe’s will not accept returns on paint that has been tinted lighter or darker.

“There’s a reason we sell samples,” said Reddit commenter and Lowe’s employee millicent1212.

As long as you don’t tint the paint’s color, you’ll be able to get a generous refund on your paint, according to Lowe’s Paint Color Guarantee that states customers can return most types of paint (including interior and exterior, as well as stain and resurfacing paint) within 30 days for a refund or replacement with a valid receipt.

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Edwin Tan / iStock.com

Edwin Tan / iStock.com

Sitting Down as a Cashier Is Frowned Upon

Despite a class action lawsuit that ruled that employees should be allowed to use a chair if they can perform their tasks while sitting, Lowe’s employees claim to often feel the pressure to remain standing during their shift.

“In 2 years I’ve only witnessed one cashier who was allowed to sit at the register,” said Lowe’s employee and Reddit commenter rober_is_cool. “Meanwhile, we have a dozen other elderly cashiers who tough it out 8 hours a day standing still.”

While employees can go through HR and request accommodation from their care provider, the process can be long, and often employees end up pushing through the discomfort and enduring long hours of standing.



Lowe’s Employees Don’t Know Everything About Every Product

Just because a Lowe’s employee is working in the fans section does not know that they know everything about installing a fan. Remember — they are store employees, not master tradespeople.

“I once had some guy ask if he could bring his pressure washer in so we could tell him what was wrong with it,” said Lowe’s employee and Reddit commenter rebelangel. “I straight up told him no because ‘We’re not mechanics.’ We may have some expertise, but we’re not electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc. If we were, we wouldn’t be working here.”



Lowe’s Opens Early for Professionals

The store’s official hours are 6:00 am to 10:00 pm Monday through Saturday, with Sunday hours of 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. That early 6:00 am time is surprising for some, but there’s a reason for it.

The store opens at that time to allow professionals to do their shopping as early as possible. It stays open a bit later than its competitors for the same reason.

If you’re not a pro and looking to talk to someone about replacing all the windows in your house, Lowe’s employees recommend waiting until a little later than 6:00 am for better service and more employees available to assist you.

Antonio_Diaz / iStock.com

Antonio_Diaz / iStock.com

Don’t Expect Employees To Be Able To Find Something in the Back

Unlike stores like Target and Walmart, where lots of inventory is kept in the back, Lowe’s operates as a warehouse and very few items are kept in the back — if that space even exists.

If you’re looking for something at Lowe’s and it’s not out on the floor, it’s a safe bet they don’t have it in stock. The only items sometimes kept in the back are appliances and grills, according to Reddit commenters.



You Can Ask For a Price Match

In order to get the best deal possible at Lowe’s, you’ll want to look at other stores’ prices as well. Don’t be afraid to shop around online to find the best deal and politely show the cashier and ask for a price match at checkout.

Lowe’s will price match with retailers including Home Depot, Target, Wayfair, Amazon, Best Buy and more.



Shop Online for the Best Deals

Like many retailers, Lowe’s often saves the most deals for online shoppers. When visiting the Lowe’s website, be sure to check out the Savings Center where you can find 30% to 50% off certain departments and products. There is also an Online Only section with online-exclusive sitewide deals on everything from home decor to showerheads and appliances.

If you prefer to shop in-store, be sure to take advantage of the online deals by asking for a price match at checkout and the store will honor the better deal. When shopping online, you can also opt for in-store pickup to avoid shipping fees while taking advantage of online-only deals.

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