A Design Lover’s Guide To Seville

Artworks by Las Ánimas on display at their studio.Courtesy of Las Ánimas

Ceramics, Tiles and Ex-votos

Ceramics on display at The Exvotos.Courtesy of The Exvotos

Courtesy of The Exvotos

Seville is one of the biggest hubs in Spain for artisan ceramics and pottery. Nearly every street, building, or patio in the city is covered in Mudéjar mosaics and tiles, while functional ceramics, like pitchers and jugs, are used as decorative elements in nearly every Sevillian home. When local craft expert Laura Salcines opened Populart in 1977 in the historic centre of Santa Cruz, it was to sell a collection of traditional folk ceramics, pottery, tiles and ex-votos from an assortment of local artisan workshops of the time. While many of those workshops no longer exist today, Populart is one of the few shops left carrying an extensive curation of vintage, antique and modern handicrafts native to Seville. For custom nameplates, bowls and other functional home items, visit Céramica Nazaret in La Féria, the workshop of local artisan Anotnio who custom makes anything of your choosing from his collection of 100-year-old tiles that have been preserved from old buildings across the region. 

Inside The Exvotos.Courtesy of The Exvotos

Around the corner, you’ll find The Exvotos, a multidisciplinary workshop run by Andalusian artists Daniel Maldonado and Luciano Galán who have channelled their passion for classical art into decorative sculptures and jugs for everyday use. “One of our sources of inspiration is popular religion and Seville is our biggest teacher,” says Galán. Their studio, which is tucked on a quiet street in the lively Feria neighborhood is a whimsical cabinet of curiosities, where you’ll find multipurpose vessels and jewel-strewn heads inspired by the religious ex-votos of ancient cultures and civilisations throughout the Mediterranean. Today, The Exvotos are favoured among the design world’s biggest insiders, like Luke Edward Hall, and they’ve hosted trunk shows on popular e-tailers, like Moda Operandi. 

“As the saying goes, ‘renew or die’, and Seville has chosen to renew,” explains Galán. “We are also working hard to be at the cultural forefront not only in art, but in other industries, such as film and tech, and the world is beginning to take notice.”

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