Boutique ‘injectables studio’ sets up shop in Kitsilano

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A stylish “injectables studio” recently opened up in Kitsilano.

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Located at 2137 W 4th Ave, the boutique space called Life Story is for people looking to experience neuromodulators and facial fillers with customized consultations, under the supervision of Medical Director, Dr. Nicole Redding.

With the goal of destigmatizing injectables while also providing consistent access to providers, co-founders Andrea Greenway and Sara Miller say they hope to take their Vancouver-based “niche service” across North America, opening up Life Story locations that become a go-to for those looking for “graceful aging” options. We caught up with Greenway and Miller to learn more.

Q. For those who aren’t familiar, what is Life Story? 

Greenway. Life Story is a salon that’s meant to celebrate graceful aging. We wanted to not play into the stigma of anti-aging. We didn’t want to hide behind facials or other treatments. We wanted to normalize this procedure that so many people do and so many people have whispered about. And we also wanted to create this ‘new natural,’ where we’re helping you become the best version of you so that when you leave our place you feel well rested and bright and shiny and that you feel more confident in your own world.

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Q. Who is the target customer?

Miller. It’s injectables for all — so men, women, anyone.

Q. What makes it unique?

Miller. Everyone else is doing lasers and facials and all of those things. We don’t have any equipment. We just have really great doctors, nurses and naturopaths doing injections. And we carry all the brands so that you can get a really customized experience.

Greenway. That’s the thing that really sets us apart — besides the fact that we want to celebrate aging gracefully and not play into the anti-aging thing — it’s that, when you come in, there’s no menu. You go into the room for a consultation and we’re like, what are you trying to achieve? It’s studying your face and then knowing your goals and setting out a plan for you for the next three, six, 12 months to understand where you are trying to get to. And getting you there, gradually.

Q. What is your goal for Life Story?

Greenway. Eventually, our goal is to be recognized as the best in class, consistently. To shift the market. We want to be the Dry Bar or the Equinox or SoulCycle of injectables.

Q. What is the price range of where treatments start?

Greenway. As an example, Botox at a home party probably goes for $10 a unit. Botox at a high-end dermatologist is about $18 per unit. We are at $12 a unit. We want to make it accessible.

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