80 Home Office Ideas for an Organized and Creative Workspace

Home office idea

Whether you worked from home long before the pandemic, never returned to the office, or are now living the hybrid life, you know that the right digs can make all the difference. It’s no wonder many of us are on the hunt for genius home office ideas.

“As more people work from home, having a designated home office space is no longer a nice-to-have but a necessity,” says Kelly Simcox, the head of global Design at Interface/FLOR. “It is equally important that a home office space embraces the comfort of home while also providing

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30 Modern House Decorating Ideas That Won’t Go Out of Style

If clean lines, natural elements, and open spaces sound like a dream, modern design might be the perfect interior style for you. Overall, modern style offers a sense of timelessness throughout the varying decor trends.

But decorating a modern home doesn’t have to include only simple furniture and neutral color palettes (even though it can be a great place to start).

Jessica Chiappardi, interior designer at Gray Space Interiors, says interesting silhouettes, shapes, pops of color, and textures, like plaster and velvet, can add more layers to a home without taking away from modern design.

Beyond modern decor, modern

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38 Modern Kitchen Ideas for Every Design Style

Give your space a refresh with these contemporary kitchen ideas.

<p>Jay Wilde</p>

A tired kitchen can make an entire home seem dated.  If your kitchen is due for a quick refresh or a full-on remodel, give it a contemporary makeover inspired by our favorite modern kitchen ideas. From two-toned cabinets, statement light fixtures, and mixed metals, to unique backsplash ideas and a monochrome color palette, you’ll see that a modern kitchen is anything but cold and sterile. We’ll show you how to add character, warmth, and modern style no matter the size of your kitchen or budget.

Many kitchen design choices

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Premier Design Build Company Los Angeles | CA Experts

Did you know Los Angeles has 40 million square feet of space from just one design build firm? PREMIER Design + Build Group, LLC shines as a top design build company here. They are known for excellent construction, combining architecture, residential, and commercial projects. This firm stands tall in California’s building world. They work under various licenses, showing 75 years of brilliant experience in Los Angeles.

PREMIER Design + Build Group, LLC leads by managing diverse construction projects well. They handle industrial, commercial, and residential projects with

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At Home: Dinner party prompts dining room refresh | Lifestyle

The prospect of hosting a fancy dinner party at my house filled my heart with panic and my redecorating engine with jet fuel. I had been wanting to update my dining room. Suddenly, I had an incentive and a deadline.

“You start seeing everything they don’t even notice,” said my neighbor, trying to calm my nerves.

“I’m more worried they’ll see everything I don’t notice,” I said.

Aren’t we all a little house blind?

The dinner party wasn’t my idea. A few months ago, my friend, who is also a friend of the arts, hatched the plan to auction off

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70s House Exterior Makeover Australia: Top 3 Before and Afters

The 70s is considered a virtual golden age for home design and construction. Many houses built in the 70s are still occupied in their original design. However, as architectural styles continue to develop more and more 70s houses are becoming outdated. 

A 70s house took influence from many different architectural styles, but particularly Colonial and Mediterranean. In Australia, a typical house built in the 70s was a small, three-bedroom one bathroom home in either a rectangular or L-shape.

The image of a 70s house interior often brings to mind loud colours, quirky wallpapers and shag-carpets. However, many houses designed like

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25 Over-the-Top Maximalist Bathroom Ideas

Give your bathroom a “more is more” makeover with these bold and beautiful ideas.

<p>Adam Albright</p>

If you’ve been itching to implement maximalist style into your home, there’s no better spot to start than a bathroom. It’s private, typically small in size, and can easily be closed off—which makes it an ideal candidate for an over-the-top makeover. Maximalism embraces the “more is more” design rule, layering contrasting patterns, bright colors, and different textures. The style incorporates whimsical elements and oversized features, and often takes a thematic approach to design.

The key to successfully implementing a maximalist style is in the thoughtful layering

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Bottles of the Year Program from Amcor Showcases the Best New Designs in Responsible Packaging

Annually, Amcor Rigid Packaging Bottles of the Year will recognize the best in innovative and responsible packaging designs that meet the latest trends in consumer preferences in the beverage, spirits & wine, food & dairy, home & personal care and healthcare segments. (Photo: Business Wire)

Annually, Amcor Rigid Packaging Bottles of the Year will recognize the best in innovative and responsible packaging designs that meet the latest trends in consumer preferences in the beverage, spirits & wine, food & dairy, home & personal care and healthcare segments. (Photo: Business Wire)

New annual program from Amcor Rigid Packaging showcases innovative designs that are responsive to consumer trends in packaging

ANN ARBOR, Mich., May 07, 2024–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Amcor (NYSE: AMCR, ASX:AMC), a global leader in developing and producing responsible packaging solutions, today announced the launch of its Bottles of the Year program on National

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15 Wellness-Inspired Mother’s Day Gifts For Her Home

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday again and if you haven’t yet, it’s worth considering a gift to make her – or their, for the givers with multiple moms on their list – home space more comfortable, enjoyable, healthy or (if you dare!) functional. Here are 15 wellness-inspired home-centric gift ideas for 2024.

Health and Fitness Gifts

  1. You can give the moms who love to work out a beautiful yoga mat, a set of small dumbbells with a
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Do More With Less Space With Interior Design Pro Approved Small Home Office Ideas

A home office has become a priority for many households, and with the right small home office ideas, you can create your ideal work space, even if you don’t have a lot of space. While many of us are no longer working completely remote full-time jobs, many businesses have pivoted to hybrid models that do include one or more days of work from home and plenty of gigs consist of remote work to some extent (just take a look at the highest-paying work-from-home jobs that don’t require a degree!)

Additionally, working from home is not exclusive to an occupation. For

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