Home Design Ideas for Dog Owners

Whether your dog is a Pomeranian compact enough to carry in a tote bag all over town or a towering golden retriever who commands a larger footprint, the pooch deserves their own space at your home—an indoor area where they have free domain.

There are numerous creative ways for dog owners to carve out a space that’s dedicated to their pets and still stylish, said Jason Nixon, an interior designer who is the co-founder of the Thomasville, North Carolina-based home décor brand and design firm Madcap Cottage. What that means depends on what your home is like—apartment living, for example,

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30 Top Small Business Ideas for 2024

Americans are increasingly eager to become small business owners, with startup registrations jumping since the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re thinking of starting a business, you aren’t alone. While entrepreneurship is exciting, it can also be nerve-wracking. Business owners may stress about everything from finding funding to running out of money.

Selecting a viable business model can help reduce such stressors by minimizing risk and improving the odds of lasting success. There are many ways to ensure there’s a market for your product or service, from analyzing the competition to interviewing your intended target audience.

If you’re eager to pursue entrepreneurship

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11 Easy Online Business Ideas to Make Money From Home in 2024

There are a number of ways to cash in from affiliate marketing, from posting on social media to writing blog posts. One of the best things about affiliate marketing is that it doesn’t require any start-up costs, making it one of the most affordable ways to generate passive income.

2. Make an online course

  • Pros: Easy to set up
  • Cons: Need to market it yourself
  • Earning potential: $100 to $1,000 a month (as a beginner)

If you’ve got specific knowledge or a skill you think would benefit others, why not make and sell an online course? This is

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Pet-Friendly Design Ideas | Pro Builder

Approximately 63.8 million (49.6%) of the 128.5 million homes in the United States have at least one pet, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Housing Survey. And many of those pet-friendly households want features in the home that help keep their pets safe and happy.

Dogs are the most common pets, with one or more dogs found in 49 million U.S. homes, while 28.2 million households have one or more cats. Other common pets include fish (4.9 million homes), birds (2.7 million), small mammals (2.7 million), and reptiles (2.5 million).


The desire for pet accommodations in

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8 Chic Decorating Ideas We’re Bookmarking From Sarah Sherman Samuel’s Showhouse

After ascending to interior design stardom on social media, amassing a celebrity-studded client list, and producing extensive collections of nearly every home product you can think of, it’s hard to imagine anything Sarah Sherman Samuel hasn’t done. But when the vacant lot adjacent to her Grand Rapids, Michigan, home went on the market, she was presented with not one, but two, entirely new opportunities: For the first time since founding her eponymous interior design firm in 2014, Sherman Samuel became her own client as she designed a home from the ground up.

This exercise evolved into a four-bedroom showhouse that

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The oldest home show in NJ is returning to Edison. Here’s everything you need to know

With interest rates expected to drop this year and New Jersey homes still as desirable as ever, the New Jersey Home & Garden Show will be a destination for both current homeowners looking to remodel and potential homebuyers looking for ideas to flip dated real estate hitting the market.

Here’s what you need to know if you plan on attending the longest-running home show in the state.

When and where is the New Jersey Home & Garden Show?

The 34th annual event will take place Friday, Feb. 23, through Sunday, Feb. 25, at the New Jersey Convention Center at 97

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11 Vintage Interiors Books to Fuel Your Home Design Fantasies

In our very online era, design trends seem to bloom and wither faster than ever. Concepts that might at first strike us as unexpected can quickly be turned into clichés by algorithms. See: Zellige tiles or banana leaf wallpaper. One antidote to this rapid churn is, of course, more analog sources of inspiration, in particular books — the older and harder to find the better. So, we asked a handful of designers to each recommend a title, ideally a vintage one, that continues to offer up exciting ideas.

Brigette Romanek, 48, interior designer: “The Decoration of Houses” by

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Maximalist Decorating Ideas That Master the Art of ‘More Is More’

a living room with a couch and chairs

16 Perfectly Over-the-Top Maximalist Decor IdeasDavid Tsay

For some people, a minimalist decorating style or a modern farmhouse aesthetic perfectly suits their desires when it comes to interiors. For others, however, the idea of little-to-no trinkets or accessories and white or neutral walls everywhere simply doesn’t work, and that’s where maximalist decorating comes in. Maximalism lets you incorporate all different colors, patterns, textures, and forms. The popular and beloved bookshelf wealth interior design style is a form of maximalist interior design, as is the beautiful grandmillennial aesthetic.

There’s a fine line between functionality and beauty, though, and you need

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Phoenix Interior Design & Home Improvement, Custom Fabrications Announced

Kristen Ketterson, the certified professional interior designer behind Interior Motifs (602-515-8894) in Phoenix, Arizona, is pleased to now be offering custom fabrications as a part of her full-service interior design work.

Kristen Ketterson is pleased to announce that Interior Motifs’ services now include custom fabrications. She hopes that this new offering will allow her design firm to create truly unique and personalized interiors for their clients and to bring their vision to life in a way that goes beyond standard or conventional ‘off the rack’ pieces and style selections.

More information is

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Business Spotlight: Jackson Design & Remodeling forecasts top design trends for 2024

Jackson Design & Remodeling’s award-winning designers and architects have revealed their annual list of the top trends for the new year, expecting that 2024 home designs will be inspired by staycations, dream destinations and a warmer take on minimalism.

Joy and positivity are making an impression with imaginative combinations of style, texture, pattern and color.

“Relaxing home design that balances simplicity and luxury with the calming influence of greenery and the tranquility of a Bali retreat will continue to gain in popularity in 2024,” according to Jackson Design & Remodeling senior interior designer Jen

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