Dreaming of Warm Weather? Reimagine Your Home and Outdoor Space With These Easy and Affordable Design Tips

No matter how large or small, outdoor space of any kind is precious real estate. 

The easiest way to upgrade the utility of your home is to put those spaces to use. That said, it’s understandable, especially if you don’t find your space too appealing, if you find yourself choosing to forgo using certain outdoor areas due to size, storage needs, or even access to sunlight. But transforming your space doesn’t have to be a monumental undertaking—in fact, with affordable solutions from IKEA, it can be not only easy to upgrade your space, but fun. Here are three simple tips that you can use to transform an outdoor space of any size into an area that will welcome you and your guests all summer long. 

Create an outdoor kitchen that offers storage solutions 

Having a grill and loving to cook in your outdoor kitchen are two vastly different things. Luckily, with the right cook surfaces and cabinetry—yes, even outside—your space can become one that has you excitedly prepping those enticing summer recipes. 

This grill offers all of the above, along with a sink space. Grill your favorite summer veggies to perfection from the stainless steel cooking grate. The thermometer on the grill’s hood will make sure everything is cooked just right. It comes with a movable, three-tiered shelf, the top of which can act as the perfect prep space. Underneath, go ahead and store all of the brightly hued summer dinnerware so that it doesn’t take up space in your kitchen. When you are done with your food prep, you can even put the space to use as a serving area. If you don’t have room for the shelves and sink, you can buy the grill on its own or pick and choose which additional pieces work best for your space. 

Incorporate weather-friendly furniture 

Setting up separate spaces for lounging and dining will make you feel like you have access to a true outdoor living area. This is where weather-friendly furniture comes in clutch—and there are options that are just as cute as they are useful. 

This outdoor table set is made to accommodate benches and chairs, all of which can be purchased separately if your space allows. The two sumptuous chairs and the bench can be easily moved around to provide seating. The acacia wood has been pretreated with a weather-resistant wood stain that will help them endure even the rainiest days. The chairs and the bench can be paired with soft, water-repellent cushions in a variety of colors that make any space cozy. When you are done using them, you can tuck all of the seating snugly under the table to maximize space. For smaller spaces, or to set up a separate bistro option, consider this foldable table and chair set that allows you to buy as many pieces as you want and which can be easily stowed away when not in use. 

Now for your newly minted outdoor living area. This cozy sofa comes in multiple sizes, all of which provide ample seating and the plushest cushions. With options including a loveseat, three-seat corner sectional and a five-seat corner sectional, you can rearrange the piece to accommodate your guests or to help you out when you need a change of scenery. You could even opt for an outdoor coffee table that doubles as storage for extra serving space. 

Invest in affordable—but quality—aesthetic upgrades 

Especially for patio or garden spaces behind buildings, you may find yourself disenchanted with the cement flooring. Luckily, this is one of the easiest things to fix. 

IKEA offers affordable acacia wood deck tiles that are super easy to install and immediately elevate the look of any space. They’re an excellent option for covering up flooring that isn’t ideal, but they are just as perfect if you are just hoping to enhance the aesthetics of your space. They look amazing on their own, or with an outdoor area rug layered on top. 

Once you’ve dealt with the flooring, you can also consider adding greenery to your space with larger potted plants or hanging plant options if you don’t want to take up precious surface area. From there, adding some twinkly lights would truly take your space from quaint to magical. 

No matter how you choose to upgrade your outdoor living space, the most important thing is to make sure you are giving yourself as many opportunities as possible to soak in the summer sun.

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