From the Home editor: Looking for ways to refresh your home? This issue is packed with ideas | Home-spring-2024

The moment our Christmas tree comes down, there are two things I want to do — run the vacuum and buy fresh flowers. Without all the fluff of the holidays, our house feels barren and — if I am being honest — a bit depressing. But those flowers do the trick every time. That, my friends, is the power of design. Whether it is a cheerful grouping of fresh flowers, new pillows or even fresh bedding, these elements of design can lift our moods and give our home a fresh look. 

Now that spring is in full swing, you too may be looking for ways to refresh your home, and this issue is packed with ideas. See how designer Laura Barnes transformed a family home for its second generation of owners. The result is a lesson in color with its pastel palette bringing a breath of fresh air for its current owners. Even basements can bring new life to a home. Read about how designer Justice Quinn tackled a basement redesign to help the space serve dual needs for its owners.

Get to know Little Design Co. owner Betsy Little. She knows a thing or two about the power of the pillow as evidenced by her successful business based right here in Tulsa. From bold stripes to soothing neutrals, her carefully curated inventory has something for everyone.

Spring cleaning has been taken to a new level thanks to home organizer Katie Tuttle of Clear. These days it is not simply about cleaning out a closet or pantry; we want to make it beautiful as well. Visit here for tips and tricks from this pro for keeping your spaces organized and functional. 

Nothing says “spring is here” quite like the great outdoors. Add a pool to the mix, and why would you ever need to leave home? Take a look at an outdoor oasis fit for vacation designed by Alchemy Exteriors. 

Have you always been curious about what the homes of professionals in the design industry look like? Well, here is your chance. Do not miss our new feature where we visit the home of a Tulsa designer. In this issue, Susannah Adelson welcomes us into her favorite space. I know you will enjoy seeing her personal touches and mastery at work. 

As if that was not enough, this issue also includes Designer Showcase and the 2023 Top 100 Real Estate Professionals. Designer Showcase features an impressive overhaul on a midtown home thanks to the talents of 19 designers. Enjoy a sneak peek at the home before you tour it in person with our guide And if all these featured homes make you want to find a new one? Check out the list  for a Realtor who can help you do just that.

Whether you are adding roses or renovating, I hope this issue brings you a breath of fresh spring air.

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