Hanson’s Garden Village hosts gardening class for kids | Local News

RHINELANDER, Wis. (WJFW) – On Saturday, Hanson’s Garden Village located a couple miles south of Rhinelander hosted a mini leprechaun garden class along with a scavenger hunt all designed for kids. Today was the first planting class of the garden center’s season, with a theme inspired by the upcoming holiday just a few days away. Manager Beth Hanson says the main goal of this class is to educate kids on what they can do outdoors. Saying she enjoys giving children the chance to use their creative skills. “The mini gardens are really fun for kids, there are a lot of cute little figurines they get to kind of design their own world within a container so very creative and something fun to do on a weekend,” said Beth Hanson.

Since gardening is a popular activity in the Northwoods, Hanson says creating different ways to engage people is what she strives for. “We are always trying to figure out creative ideas to enjoy the green houses a lot of people have spring fever and they’re obviously buried in snow right now, so it’s nice to get them in a warm greenhouse, seeing some greenery and get them excited about spring,” said Hanson.

Hanson’s Garden Village will be hosting the event again on Friday at 10AM.

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