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NY based Carmelo Home Improvement is placing their team’s considerable skill in the hands of local residents who want to give their homes a fresh look. As a fully licensed and insured home improvement contractor, Carmelo Home Improvement can take any idea a customer has and give it the professional touch it needs to be brought to life. Anyone interested in getting started today need only give the company a call at their convenience.

Home improvement projects can be fairly complex endeavors, so any action or strategy that can minimize this complexity will be of great benefit to the homeowner. One excellent method to accomplish this is to choose a contractor that offers all of the services a project may need, as Carmelo Home Improvement does. They are a full-service residential builder remodeling company whose team consists of carpenters, painters, masons, electricians and plumbers, and each member is highly trained in their particular role. Further, working with a single contractor can help reduce both the hassle of dealing with the project as well as the customer’s overall expenditure since they have no need to coordinate between multiple companies.

Carmelo Home Improvement.

Carmelo Home Improvement is able to take on virtually every aspect of any project, providing assistance with everything from project costs to building materials and home decor, and their experience in construction includes custom homes, apartments, offices and so on. As such, customers who call upon the company’s services can expect their project to be completed to their satisfaction no matter what it entails, be it renovating or installing a basement, garage, kitchen, bathroom, deck, patio or even an outdoor living space. Both residential clients and property owners are welcome to contact the team today to learn more. If they so wish, they can connect with Carmelo Home Improvement on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Any project with Carmelo Home Improvement begins with a design consultation. Here, the customer gets an opportunity to share all their ideas with the company’s specialists, and they are always welcome to be as descriptive as possible no matter how unfamiliar they may be with construction requirements. Carmelo considers it their job to interpret a customer’s wishes correctly, so even vague ideas can be fleshed out in the event the customer is unsure of what direction they wish to take. The team will offer suggestions where appropriate, giving the customer several viable options to pick from that suit both their preferences and budget.

This is supported by the fact that the company uses modern conceptualization tools to create a rendering of the proposed changes. This virtual representation of the finished product gives the customer a better idea of what the outcome of the project will look like, and Carmelo says they can still customize and modify the design further at this stage. The interface is highly intuitive, allowing the customer to add, subtract and even change what they please. This, along with the rest of the company’s services, is highly appreciated by Carmelo’s clientele.

A. Hernandez says in their Google review, “Carmelo Home Improvement did fantastic work with my kitchen renovation. They are very knowledgeable, friendly and are quick to make recommendations to help solve any issues you may have. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a general contractor in Grasmere, New York.”

J. McGrath also says, “They worked on my home in Manor Heights, which is in Staten Island, and did an outstanding job. They did a complete remodel of the kitchen, bathrooms and floors. The workmanship was great and the prices are reasonable. Carmelo Home Improvement finished on time and was always there to answer any question. With a great work ethic like this, I will definitely recommend them to anyone. Thank you to the team for all your hard work!”

Carmelo’s assistance extends to the legislative requirements of a project as well, so customers need not be concerned that the company’s expertise lies exclusively in construction. One of their top priorities includes ensuring a smooth customer experience at all times, and this means they are willing to work with architects, engineers and government officials to ensure the design meets all state and local laws. Since they are also fully covered by liability insurance and workers’ compensation, customers can rest assured their project is in good hands.

Homeowners and property owners may contact Sal Blanco of Carmelo Home Improvement to follow up on any further inquiries. The company looks forward to bringing their home improvement vision to life. Customers are also invited to take a look at the company’s previous works and stay up to date with their latest projects by following Carmelo Home Improvement on Instagram.


For more information about Carmelo Home Improvement, contact the company here:

Carmelo Home Improvement
Sal Blanco
(718) 317 6238
[email protected]

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