How Long Do Steam Irons Last?

How Long Do Steam Irons Last?

You might wonder how long it will last if you just bought your steam iron. Additionally, you might have iron but aren’t sure if it will last you the following year. Most iron manufacturers will indicate that the iron can last from 10 to 20 years if used appropriately. However, it’s crucial to know that the life span of your steam iron will depend on many factors, such as how well you maintain it. When misused, your steam iron can become faulty within days or months.

Additionally, if your iron stick to the fabric, it can damage your soleplate, which reduces the lifespan of your iron. Luckily, you can maintain your iron and make it last using the iron limescale remover. This article will explore how to increase the lifespan of your iron and make it more efficient.

What to Know before you Buy Steam Iron

Before buying a steam iron and knowing how to increase its lifespan, there are essential aspects that you need to know about. They Include

  • Soleplate

This is the metal base of your iron that distributes the steam, and with pressure and the weight of the iron, it removes the wrinkles. The soleplates are often made from materials such as PTFE and ceramic. Most of these materials have a nonstick coating that enhances performance and strength. However, you will find anodized aluminium soleplates for the less expensive iron models. You need to clean your soleplate correctly to remove all the fabric that might have stuck in it.

  • The Steam Holes

On the soleplate, many tiny holes vary in size and shape. The holes are crucial since they help regulate the temperatures.

  • Settings

The settings help you adjust your iron accordingly, ensuring you take care of every fabric as required. Without regulating the heat, you might overheat some fabric, damaging them and your iron. 

How to Use Your Iron 

If you want your iron to last longer, you must ensure proper maintenance. This includes how you prepare your clothes for ironing actually to do it. Below are some of the things you need to consider

1. Preparation

Preparation is crucial when ironing since it ensures the garment can be ironed. If unsure, check the tags for the ironing instruction and understand the type of fabric used. This will help you avoid overheating or using the wrong setting. When you have materials such as silk, wool, rayon or acetate, use the low setting and turn the clothes inside out before ironing. If you are using wool items, place the wet cloth between the iron and the item.

2. Fill the Iron Water

When using a steam iron, it’s crucial to ensure you fill the water for effective ironing. However, it’s not a must for you to use water; you can use your steam iron as a dry iron, depending on your fabric. When filling the water, use filtered or distilled water to avoid the accumulation of minerals that might affect your steam.

In Summary

Using iron can seem easy but complicated if you are misusing it. If you want your iron to last longer, adhere to exemplary ironing practices, such as using filtered water. Don’t forget to look for signs of fault and resolve them before they become severe and expensive to mend.

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