Kevin Hart Shares Enthusiastic Post After Going Viral Over Madison Square Garden Show Featuring Surprise Dave Chappelle Appearance

Kevin Hart has flourished as an entertainer over the past several years, but 2022 is certainly turning out to be one of the most eventful of his career. The star has a few high-profile films that either have or will be released and, earlier this year, he made a business move that guarantees we’ll see more of his TV shows and films for years to come. And the icing on the cake, so to speak, is that Hart recently celebrated his 43rd birthday with a party that included fresh outfits and even Russell Westbrook. The performer managed to top all of that, though, when he performed at Madison Square Garden alongside Chris Rock this past weekend, where Dave Chappelle surprisingly opened for them. After the performance went viral, Hart shared an enthusiastic post to mark the big occasion. 

Many performers – whether they be comedians, musicians or the like – dream of performing at a place as grand as Madison Square Garden. And based on Kevin Hart’s post on his Instagram, he was indeed one of those people. The star signified the accomplishment by posting a black-and-white photo that shows him, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle chopping it up behind the scenes. He also reflected on the night in his caption, calling the performance “the best moment of his career”:

Last night was by far the best moment of my career….I can’t even explain it…I can’t find the words…Just know that last night was the true definition of a “EPIC NIGHT” …..I love my brothers more than words can explain. What we did to the Garden will never be done again….We made history last night!!!!!!!!

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