Laughter as Man Covers Parents’ Home in Gift-Wrap: ‘Best Christmas Present’

A man who wrapped his parents’ house in wrapping paper as a “Christmas gift” has TikTok users in hysterics.

Brent and Michele Millet woke up on December 17 to discover their entire house had been gift-wrapped while they slept—not just their furniture, but their fireplace, kitchen appliances, walls and floors.

Their son, Corbin Millet, was responsible for the Christmas-themed chaos. After sharing a video of his handiwork to TikTok on December 18, the prank quickly went viral.

Captioned “Dad’s gonna have a panic attack seeing all of this wrapping paper,” the hilarious clip has so far received almost 5 million views and over 360,000 likes.

Corbin Millet's Parents' Home
Corbin Millet covered his parents’ entire home with wrapping paper, including the walls and floors.
Corbin Millet/@corbinmillet

What’s the Worst Gift You Can Give Someone This Christmas?

Wrapping your parents’ house from head to toe in wrapping paper might not be a traditional present, but in Millet’s defense, gift-buying can be complicated.

Whether it’s finding something for a picky mother-in-law or that person who said they “don’t want anything” this year, exchanging presents under the tree can quickly become awkward.

E-commerce platform ContextLogic Inc. recently asked 6,000 people from the U.S., U.K. and Spain about the worst Christmas gifts they’d ever received. Defective items bought on sale took the number one spot at 28 percent, followed by fruit cake (23 percent), weight loss items (21 percent) and political-themed gifts at 20 percent.

Other unpopular gift choices included out-of-style clothing (16 percent), cheap candy (13 percent) and festive ties (13 percent).

So, if you’ve bought your mom or dad a discounted gift or a set of scales, there’s still time to head to the shops and right that wrong—or to cover their home in gift wrap.

Livingroom and diningroom of Millet Family Home
Left, the living room of the Millet family home. Right, the dining room, after Corbin Millet wrapped every piece of furniture in gift wrap.
Corbin Millet/@corbinmillet

‘My Dad Was Furious’

Corbin Millet told Newsweek that the Christmas-themed prank took over 10 hours to complete. He began covering the house while his parents were asleep, using 10 rolls of paper to cover 2,000-square feet.

“The most difficult part was cutting the paper,” he said. “I hate scissors.”

When his dad Brent came down in the morning, his response was “What the f*** is this b******* man.”

The 47-year-old then slipped on the wrapping paper covering the floor, sliding into the wall. His reaction was caught on a camera that Millet had set up in the living room, which also went viral, receiving more than 120,000 views.

“My dad was furious,” he said. “[After] he fell he got even more mad.”

Brent Millet slipping on gift-wrap floor
Corbin Millet’s Dad, Brent Millet, was furious the next morning—especially after slipping over on the wrapping paper floor.
Corbin Millet/@corbinmillet

Impressively, Millet decorated the house single-handedly, but he said it was all worth it for the laughs. However, he was forced to unwrap it all himself.

“It took me like 30 minutes. It’s not that hard,” he said.

TikTokers admired Millet’s dedication, with user Hailey asking: “How much did you pay for all that wrapping paper?”

“How does one have the patience for this,” said Hannah Ross.

“That’s the best Christmas present,” wrote Evelyn Seal.

“[You] should do the outside,” suggested Crystina Guzman.

While Makenzie Milam commented: “Bet mom gonna try to save all that wrapping paper for next year.”

Millet isn’t the only one to go viral for a festive-themed prank. A family went viral in 2021 after tricking their son into thinking they’d purchased a PS5 as a last-minute gift, sharing his reaction with the world, while a mom was criticized for advising parents to “burn fake presents” to make their children behave in the run-up to Christmas.

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