North Carolina furniture brand Chaddock Home appeals to every whim

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Arm and leg styles. Cushion depth. Fabric color. Overall height. It’s enough to overwhelm even the most sophisticated furniture shopper. But at u-fab interiors, stylists can help customers design the personal home space they’ve always dreamed of — but just couldn’t put into words.

“The biggest challenge for most customers when ordering new furniture or reupholstering is trying to decide what it is they really like,” said Ana Paraboschi, a home sales specialist at u-fab interiors. “We try to help them get there by asking what piece of furniture they typically use the most in their home on a daily basis, what color clothing they prefer to wear, the kind of magazines they read, if there is a specific piece of art or pottery they love, colors and styles their social media page showcases. What inspires them is usually our jumping-off point in terms of how to select furniture that reflects their personal living style.”

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For ease in ordering and achieving the ultimate design for their dreamhouse, Chaddock Home, one of the furniture brands sold at u-fab interiors, helps customers do just that. Chaddock’s handcrafted pieces, still overseen by founder Guy Chaddock (since 1958), reflect a customizable high-quality style that runs the gamut from traditional and contemporary to luxe glamour and California indoor/outdoor chic. The brand’s portfolio of upholstery and furniture is sourced and finished exclusively in North Carolina.

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“The nice feature of Chaddock furniture is that you can stay within the brand and, yet, still mix things up,” Paraboschi said. “For example, you can put any fabric on any piece and build a nice grouping that mixes design styles, such as modern pieces paired with the traditional classic designs that withstand the test of time. The end goal is to have something in your home that will be transient through different furniture fads. Perhaps a classic couch in neutral tones paired with a cool, eclectic ottoman to spice things up.”

Paraboschi said some of the latest trends in colors are leaning away from grays and bright whites and more toward blues, greens and jewel tones.

“Styles are warmer, more comfy, too,” she said. “We are even seeing an uptick in more comfortable couches and chairs added to workspaces now, whether in the home or at the office. Bottom line, people just want to feel comfortable when sitting on their furniture no matter where they are. At u-fab, we encourage our customers to do just that. We like to feel as if we are helping customers improve their daily lives based on what’s surrounding them at home.”

Visit for more information, or stop by one of the showrooms in Richmond or Charlottesville.

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