One of my favorite pieces of antique furniture

As years go by so fast — and each year seems a bit faster — it is so hard for this old girl to keep up with the pace some days. Especially since I have had a couple nasty episodes of COVID-like illnesses. I am trying to stay caught up with the world, but I am afraid I am way behind, but I certainly am trying.

It seems that the weeks fly by so fast any more. My parents and grandparents warned me many many years ago that this would happen. But I do believe I was not quite prepared for what really happens when we start getting older.

You noticed, I hope, that I said “start” getting older! Well, to be very honest and frank about this subject, I have hit that goal many years ago and I am struggling a bit now to just keep up with the world. And the past will have to handle itself very slowly until I am getting caught up a bit.

When I look at some of my past columns, I soon become a bit “panicky” to say the least. I have a habit of repeating myself, so everyone please hang in there with me and drop me short notes when you like an article. I do always welcome ideas from my readers as to what they would like to hear more about — antiques and collectibles, of course.

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I hope to give my readers a break from the every day turmoil that we seem to be having most of the time.

And so I once again land on one of my favorite subjects: This “maple” dry sink that I found at an auction I believe about 10 years ago or a bit longer.

It was in nice condition when I got it, plus I used a good coat or two of my magic oil (Howard’s Orange Oil. which I sell at the CR Rustics antique shop here in North Platte). I do not actually refinish any furniture, I just have learned that many times (if it has not been painted) you can easily “refresh” a piece of furniture or anything wooden with my wonderful orange oil.

It soaks right in and usually there is not much rubbing involved, unless I get too much on, then it may have to soak a bit of it up with my oiled rag and continue on with hopes the rest will dry and I will be able to buff it a little bit. Voila, magic has just taken place.

After using this Orange Oil well over 50 years now, it is just like a new piece of furniture has been created and you can enjoy it for another 50 or more years.

Anything wooden needs a refresh through the years no matter where you live. But especially in a state like Nebraska with hot summers, and sometimes very dry with very low humidity, it may require a bit of extra care when you dust your furniture.

You may have to treat your furniture a bit more often. But it is easy to do when you use the Howard Oil Products — and you can find them all at the antique shop most of the time.

I try to watch my shelves and my supply of the Howard products but sometimes I get very forgetful, so I might need to be reminded by a customer or the owners of the shop.

This dry sink is certainly big enough to hang a great painting above it — I cut that part off by mistake in this certain pic, but I have had it in the paper many times before.

I purchased an awesome painting at an auction many years ago, and it was painted by my brother. So, it was a win-win all the way around. I finally had one of his beautiful western paintings and I enjoy seeing it hanging in my home every day.

I feel it looks awesome above my dry sink. He used old barn wood for some of his framing and I feel that just ties in the subject as well as the painting itself with any kind of furniture or home style you may use in your home too.

Deciding to buy a piece of anything for your own home — furniture, paintings, collectibles, antiques, etc. — is always fun but it can be a bit of a harrowing experience also.

Usually, it should be a fun hunt — fun for anything you may be looking for to add to your home. Take a walk through the CR Rustic Antique Mall at 108 E. Fifth St., a block from the beautiful old library here in North Platte which is now the Prairie Arts Center. Nice to have so many wonderful places to look through when you hit the bricks downtown and the rest of the town.

We have several other antique shops right here in town as well as a few miles outside of town, just south of North Platte and a bit east, all of them can be found in a directory that they have at the CR Rustic Antique Mall — so get your guide when you are in there the next time.

Back when we did not have plumbing in our homes dry sinks were used with a bucket of water underneath and inside the cabinet with a iron hand pump sitting on top. Once you started pumping the handle you would get water from the bucket underneath and you could easily fill a water pitcher for your family to wash in or even was a few clothes on wash day.

I am so thankful that I never had to do my laundry that way, but I do remember a few times when my mother had to do it. And I remember the day that Dad bought her an automatic washing machine and dryer — matching, too — and it was still put in the basement. It is so much handier than the old style or method of washing clothes each week.

One thing about living in the country, most of my growing up years as well as when we raised our two sons, we always had something to do. Very seldom did I ever hear my boys ask the question “What can I play with or do today?”

My boys had a beautiful draw filled with grass and trees. They could build a tree house fairly close by, or they could ride their bikes down and up the hill again — a very steep hill I might mention.

They slept well every night and went to bed pretty early as they were worn out from all the exercise in the country. I was always thankful for being able to live in the country. I was raised in the country, but they had a lot more fun toys to play with than I did. However, I do believe they created many of their own toys along the way.

Country living was the best way in the world to raise our two boys. They were usually ready for bedtime as they had a chance to play hard (and sometimes help us work also) so they were definitely somewhat ready to rest for the night.

They had lots of energy for sure — but they also helped me so many times unloading small boxes of goodies (antiques and collectibles) from auctions I may have gone to with a friend or two.

One thing about the antique business, you usually could not “order” something you wanted unless you saw it in a newspaper ad.

We did not have a computer at that time — so I would wait till the newspaper came out. Then, we watched the auction listing as well as a few yard sales back then. I don’t believe we had as many yard sales way back when but they came about later. Fun to go to, but usually I had to sell something from our little shop in the country before I could go buy more.

And, to be honest, I don’t go antiquing much these days as I still have a lot of items in storage that I need to clean up and get priced. And I need to get the stuff into the shop.

Just wish I had a bit more energy to get all that done but I have had lots of friends offer to help. So I am the one dragging my feet these days. However, I still got lots of calls about items someone may have for sale, and I get lots of questions about the items in my booth at the CR Rustic Antique Mall.

I am hoping to maybe get my What’s It Worth antique classes going again sometime early summer when we are sure the weather will stay nice and no more icy roads.

All in all, I am still staying very busy with getting stuff ready for my booth and writing my columns, as well as answering questions from other collectors. It is always fun to see what everyone else loves to collect — and it is always a good idea to keep a “Want File” for those who are still hunting for special items.

And, one more very special and important suggestion: Please do not forget to walk through the CR Rustic’s Antique. I am sure you will find many things to look at or even something that would look pretty great in your own home. Please take the time to walk through.

If you do not find something you were especially looking for, please leave your name and phone number at the desk and they will try to find it by contacting the rest of us dealers to be on the look out for that one very special item you may be looking for.

Take care everyone, and please be good to your self. Enjoy every moment with family and friends, and please tell Rob and Corey at the antique shop here in North Platte what you may be looking for and I bet they will be able to help you find it. Have a great week ahead.

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