Sagittarius Season: Sagittarius Season: 14 Design Ideas From the Homes of Sagittarius Celebrities

I’m preemptively warning you that I’m about to invoke the infamous Caroline Calloway for the sake of this Sagittarius season story (and if that means nothing to you, bless your heart). First, I want to take you back to 2019. It was the year of the self-proclaimed scammer’s controversial workshops, the buzzy exposé by her ex-best friend, and the incessant hawking of Dreamer Bb paintings online. As the befuddling star was on the rise, I would find myself, like many others, casually clicking through her hundreds of Instagram stories. What both fascinated and horrified me the most about Caroline wasn’t so much about her but more about her West Village apartment. On one hand, it was classic millennial-girl catnip—I coveted her oversized hand figurine, threadbare pink rug, and black-and-white tiled bathroom. But mostly, it gave me the impression of the “Damn bitch, you live like this?” meme. The small studio was bursting at the seams with stuff—there were books and paint supplies strewn everywhere, candle wax congealing on the floor, and dead plants and flowers gathering dust on all surfaces. It stressed me out, and I didn’t even live there, nor was I clout-y enough to score an invite to one of her many impromptu “salons” to see it in the flesh.

Caroline’s chaotic apartment became intertwined with her identity, and in 2022 she decided to leave New York City and the studio behind (only after haphazardly painting it white and turquoise). But that wasn’t the end of the story—I had stopped keeping up with her but was momentarily lured back in by Page Six stories about thousands of dollars in owed rent and the terrifying state the space had been left in. Now time to finally circle back on why I brought her up in the first place. Obviously it has to do with her birth chart. Caroline has a highly concentrated amount of Sagittarius in her chart, making her the poster child for the sign of the archer. And whether you like it or not, Caroline fits the Sagittarius stereotypes to a T. She’s a boundaryless sharer, a haphazard intellectual, a bona fide party girl, and somehow she always evades being truly taken down.

Sagittarius flies in at number nine on the zodiac wheel, ready to swiftly move on from all of the healing and reflecting we did in Scorpio season. They’re more concerned with traveling the world, consuming as many drinks as possible, and finding the best new books to read and movies to watch. They’re brimming with a zest for life and culture that feels beyond welcome after a month of serious brooding. They have wild imaginations that make for some of the most interesting and daring design choices. Their homes are like fabulous museums, with no lack of things to look at and admire. But Sagittarius also can easily get caught up in having a lot of ideas and not taking a lot of action, or being too impulsive when they make moves. They have trouble adhering to limits and are constantly at risk of overextending themselves. But no matter what, they always bounce back, and they make it look easy! This Sagittarius season, let’s all join in on their fun-loving mentality and bring some fresh and exciting revamps to our homes. Let these nine celebrities lead the way; all we have to do is hop into our saddles.

Religious artifacts

No matter what role religion plays in your life, there’s something about entering a sacred space that makes you feel connected to the divine. Not to mention places of worship have some of the coolest and most awe-inspiring architecture in the world. Religion and theology fall in Sagittarius’s wheelhouse, so it’s fitting that one of Rita Ora’s favorite parts of her historic London home is the Gothic ornate carved partition that separates two rooms and reminds her of an old church. Maybe look for an old pew that could double as a bench in a mud room, or uncover some gorgeous antique stained glass art that could turn your home into a mini Notre Dame.

Maintain an optimistic outlook

One of the best qualities of Sagittarius is their sunny outlook on life—they can see the silver lining in even the most treacherous situations. It can admittedly be very hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when going through a trying move or home renovation. But Amanda Seyfried is here to offer some classic sage Sag advice while showing off her roughed-up wooden dining room table: She fully believes that every new stain is simply a new memory that’s being made. May we all have her glass-half-full attitude the next time someone spills on our couch or a mover breaks one of our beloved items!

Make space for soft spots

Sagittarians might seem like fierce adventurers who can handle any challenge, but at their core they’re some of the softest creatures in the zodiac. And after we survived the intensity of Scorpio season, we’re all ready for something much smoother than the scorpion’s harsh, sharp edges. Amanda incorporates this into her sweet New York pied-à-terre by adding plenty of gentle roundness. The apartment features sweeping arches over doorways and windowsills, grounding circular tables, and domed light fixtures that give the space an approachable, peaceful feel. Try finding pieces that bring a similar plushy sweetness to your home without going the conventional route of fluffy pillows and blankets.

Burn baby burn

I’ve heard multiple astrologers compare the progression of fire signs to the first sparks of a match to the roaring blaze of a bonfire. Since Sagittarius falls last in line, they’re the fully formed glow of the flame, so it’s important that Sags find innovative ways to keep the fire burning in their lives. Rita has an abundance of gorgeous tiled fireplaces in her London home, and Vanessa Hudgens expresses her love for both candlesticks and gathering with her friends around her outdoor fire pit at her Los Angeles pad. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, keep it roaring during Sag season, and if not, invest in some extra candles to create your own fiery sanctuary (but remember to blow them out!).

Clash of the patterns

Sagittarians are often precariously balancing on the slippery slope of doing the most—one false move and they’ve overextended themselves with too many plans, too many drinks, or too many things. But in a sea of minimalist homes that worship at the altar of neutral colors, doing the most can actually be a bit subversive and, quite frankly, a welcome dose of fun. Stepping into Karen Gillan’s Los Angeles cottage is like entering a Scottish-themed print explosion. The actress’s home is brimming with busy wallpapers, rustic folk art, and patterned quilts and pillows that never feel overwhelming, and instead feel cozy and inviting. Lean into the maximalist Sag spirit and find your own unique ways to busy up your home.

Bigger is better, better is bigger

If you have any memories from the astronomy unit in science class, you might remember that Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. Jupiter is also the ruler of Sagittarius, so for our Sag celebrities, bigger is always better. Vanessa embraces this mindset by decorating her living room with an oversized Breathless movie poster (fun fact: Jean-Luc Godard was also a Sagittarius). Meanwhile, Chrissy Teigen went the route of finding a massive sectional that can apparently seat 40 people in her spacious living room (Sags also tend to exaggerate). Have fun playing with scale by adding some larger-than-necessary pieces to your space, such as a sprawling rug or a large, squishy bean bag.

Tripping for design tips

Similar to fellow Jupiter-ruled mutable sign Pisces, Sagittarius can have an inclination for the mind-altering substances. Chrissy Teigen’s been candid about her journey with alcohol, but it wasn’t until her latest home tour that the star admitted to trying ketamine therapy. More specifically, she revealed that while in a session she had a vision about butterfly wings holding up their house, which manifested as a delicate porcelain wall sculpture by artist Valéria Nascimento. A safely advised out-of-body experience could be exactly what the doctor orders if you’re feeling stuck in an interior design rut.

Deck the halls with deep shades of purple

Thanks to the YA book The Clique, I learned as a tween that you should wear purple because it’s the color of royalty. While royalty technically falls under Leo’s domain, there have been a number of Sagittarius kings and queens, and in astrology Sag gets ownership of purple. It’s unclear if Sarah Paulson was aware of the link between purple and her sun sign, but we do know that she loves the color so much that she used deep plums and rich eggplants as the primary colors both inside and outside of her tiny Malibu beach house. Adding some aubergine wallpaper or lavender crystal sconces to your apartment might not make you a royal or a famous actress, but it’ll definitely look good.

Build character in historic homes

If given the choice, a Sagittarius is more likely to pick a home that’s giving crumbling Grey Gardens than futuristic Iron Man. In a market filled with brand new farmhouses and sleek condos, they’re going to gravitate toward older, charming homes, and it’s a bonus if it comes with a storied history. Rita Ora’s Victorian-era brick home was once owned by famed illustrator Arthur Rackham, and you can still find his original glass etchings and tile work inside the house. Former costars Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens both own a slice of Old Hollywood history, with Vanessa’s home originally belonging to Cecil B. DeMille’s mistress and Ashley’s being built by the same architect as the Playboy Mansion. If you’re looking to move or purchase a home, pass over the pristine places and find something with a strong sense of history that would make any Sag proud (and envious).

Don’t forget to bring in the books

Belle from Beauty and the Beast must’ve been a Sagittarius because that girl was next-level obsessed with reading. Philosophical Sag has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, so they need plenty of space in their home for their large volume of books. Dynamic design duo Jeremiah Brent and Nate Berkus (a Sag and Virgo, respectively), who might take the cake for most AD home tours, always have a dazzling display of books in their various homes. From the deep wood pockets in the library of their Los Angeles house to the floor-to-ceiling floating bookshelves in one of their New York apartments, it’s enough to make any avid reader swoon. Pick up a new bookcase and show all of your guests how well-read and smart you are!

Live like you’re on permanent vacation

In their ideal world, Sagittarians wouldn’t have a singular dwelling space—they’d have places in every country so they could constantly travel to a different destination. But since that’s not economically sound, they’re content with bringing their favorite cities and spots back home with them. When Ashley bought her Los Angeles villa, she chose it because it reminded her of being on vacation in Italy or Spain. She modeled her unique cagelike bathroom after a hotel in Amsterdam and designed her speakeasy bar after her favorite hotel in Paris. If you’re aching to get away but can’t swing it this Sag season, try doing some redecorating based on the local stylings of your favorite getaway.

Always be ready for impromptu jam sessions

It would feel like a cop out to recommend turning your home into a party pad during Sagittarius season due to the sign’s love of a good fête. So I’m going to add a twist to it based on something I noticed in many of the Sag celebrity homes. Almost all of them have instruments lying around that are specifically for guests to pick up during parties. Karen’s friends like to gather around her wood Steinway while Rita and Vanessa both have electric guitars available for improvisational jam sessions. I originally didn’t connect Sagittarius and music until I remembered that some of the biggest pop stars are Sags (Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, and Nicki Minaj are just a few). So if you’re going to throw some wild bangers this month, why not throw in an antique piano or acoustic guitar to really get people going?

Fuel your own fire

The symbol for Sagittarius is a galloping centaur pulling back his bow and arrow, so it’s not shocking that actual Sags don’t like sitting still and prefer to be on the move. They do this in a number of different ways—some like to play sports, others like to hop from plan to plan, but for Nyjah Huston it’s skateboarding. While touring his modern Laguna Beach mansion, the pro skater admits that the most used parts of his house are the gym and the full-service skatepark that’s located nearby. Channel your own restless inner fire by adding items such as a rebounder trampoline or smart mirror to your space. Or you can start to work your way up to Nyjah’s level of skater fame by installing your own rail to grind on.

Sags just want to have fun

The transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius season can be likened to free-falling through the sky and landing in a big, bouncy castle. Or for Chrissy Teigen, sliding into a custom pink ball pit in her daughter Luna’s room. If we were facing our inner darkness during Scorpio season, by Sagittarius season, in the immortal words of Cyndi Lauper, we just want to have fun. Chrissy took this attitude to heart when decorating her Beverly Hills mansion—she currently displays her mac and cheese award next to John Legend’s EGOTs, has countless TVs to keep the Bravo channel running all day, and uses a DIY nacho machine in her screening room. Sagittarius is like the clown of the zodiac, encouraging you to have a good time. Design doesn’t have to be so serious! You can start by incorporating some playful carnivalcore aesthetics into your home.

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