Style at home: Gourds make gorgeous fall decor

Fall decor has arrived, and with it come gorgeous gourds.

Pumpkins and gourds are one of the most widely recognized symbols of fall in North America and have been featured in both outdoor and indoor decor for centuries. A symbol of a bountiful harvest, these versatile beauties can add a seasonal touch to any room. Here are a few ways we’ve incorporated pumpkins and gourds into our fall decor.

Monochrome moments

Sprinkling a collection of white gourds throughout the living room lends the spirit of autumn without overpowering the initial design and flow of the space. While a single pumpkin on a coffee table is definitely a stately look, and as the kids are saying these days, it’s “a vibe.” The aesthetic makes the most impact in larger quantities. Monochromatic gourds placed at differing sight levels move your eye throughout the entire piece while complementing the neutral elements that were already at play. Adding a collection of gourds of varying size on the coffee table pulls the theme to the center of the room, giving it depth.

Rustic elegance

Nothing beats the beautiful hues this season brings. Rich golds, vibrant oranges, deep reds, each begs for attention. We want visitors to feel the fall opulence, so we decked out our beautiful gazebo — nicknamed the Pumpkin Palace — for the occasion.

We paired mountains of pumpkins and fall decor with a few supporting roles. The black-and-white buffalo check pattern is a perfect nod to autumn, and the brass elements like those candlesticks fit in perfectly with the rainbow of colors. This look is a great fit for those who aren’t afraid to go all-in in seasonal decorating.

Bountiful harvest

Bring the beauty of the season to the tabletop: we’ve paired pumpkin-shaped soup tureens (a good tureen is a must for the fall season) with elegant seasonal place settings and an autumnal plaid runner for a tabletop that is inviting and warm. Warm wood tones anchor the design and lend to the unassuming element that makes this table all the more charming.

Incorporating gourds into your fall decor

Instead of just placing your gourds on your coffee table or strewing them about randomly through your space, think like a designer and take the opportunity to get a little creative. With some thought and purposeful placement, these fall squashes look chic. I love the idea of adding them to a cloche or turning your mantel into a pumpkin patch.

Since they’re just a few dollars a piece, you’ll want to stock up on plenty. Remember, these scrumptious squash make the most impact in design when used in groupings (we recommend grouping in odd numbers of things: three, five, seven, nine and so on). Whether you incorporate them into your spooky Halloween decorations or you arrange them in a lovely Thanksgiving cornucopia, they’ll look festive all season long.

Katie Laughridge is the owner of Nell Hill’s, an interior design firm in Kansas City.

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