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2022 Interior Design Styles and How to Get Them

If, like most people, you’re your own interior designer, you’ve probably accumulated a fair amount of decor over the years. You like it all — okay, most of it — and, sure, it pulls from similar styles (think minimalist and mid-century modern) for a result that makes sense. But it might stop just short of cohesive. What you really want is a space worthy of a viral TikTok, and to get that, it helps to know the elements of the interior design style you’re aiming for.

With the help of the pros at Pacaso, we decoded eight interior

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7 Home Decor Mistakes Making Your Space Look Dated

Trends come and go, but decor styles can endure with the right upgrade. Farmhouse modern, for example, has outlasted many home decor trends over the decade (RIP kitschy boho) and even inspired offshoots like cottagecore and coastal grandmother, proving we’ll always crush on all things clean and cozy. Interior designer Anna Franklin of Milwaukee-based Stone House Collective helps us refresh the look with a few dos and don’ts… plus check out our style reminders to keep your home decor always on point.

best paint colors

Design: Stone House Collective

Mistake #1: Walls are painted in outdated colors.

Millennial pink, tangerine, light

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