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10 south-facing garden ideas for the perfect sunny plot

It’s no surprise that south-facing garden ideas are often one of the things people look for when buying a home. 

They’re ripe with potential and provide you with more opportunity to experiment with all types of garden ideas.

‘South-facing gardens are exposed to lots more sunlight and heat than others, so it’s important to choose sun-loving plants that will thrive in bright conditions,’ says Charlotte McGrattan, head nursery stock buyer at Hillier Garden Centres

‘Luckily there are a wide variety of plants that prefer south-facing locations to shadier environments, so there is plenty of opportunity to incorporate fantastic colour,

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38 small garden ideas to maximise your space with style

It may seem that small garden ideas are limited in what can be achieved, but a little creativity can go a long way to transforming even the tiniest of plots.

Petite spaces may require a little more thought than larger garden ideas, but they come with plenty of welcome advantages. For a start, it forces you to be a little more inventive, which can often result in serious style and beauty. The other big plus is that due to their size, more often than not they’re delightfully low-maintenance.

We’ve utilised our extensive garden knowledge from our team and spoken with

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20 ways to a beautiful winter backyard |

Looking for winter garden ideas to give your backyard a beautiful finish, even when the weather is dismal? The good news is that winter garden ideas can be just as stylish, architectural and even as colorful as those you might expect to see in a summer garden. 

Unsurprisingly, the best garden ideas are achieved by careful winter garden planning – if you can get all the right elements into your backyard in winter, you’re guaranteed a beautiful show.

Below, we bring you our favorite winter garden ideas – all achievable, and many low-maintenance and guaranteed to look good winter after

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15 beautiful designs for tiny gardens |

These elegant small backyard ideas are some of our favorite approaches to designing, landscaping and decorating a small space.

Whether you want a completely new look, to modify your existing space or simply add an eye catching feature to switch things up, getting a small backyard design right is the first step in any rethink, as it forms the all-important structure of your garden. 

Narrowing down your backyard ideas and options is best done by thinking about the look you want to achieve, how it will suit your home’s architecture and interior, and what you need. There is a huge

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Long garden ideas: 10 rules for a long, narrow plot

These long garden ideas will help you turn a narrow outdoor space into a ‘garden room’ you will love. 

If you have, or have ever had, a long, narrow garden, then you’ll be more than aware of the tricky task of finding small garden ideas that make it look wider than it actually is, while desperately trying to ensure every corner looks pretty yet functional. 

You’ve probably spent hours rearranging garden furniture and trimming back hedges in a frenzied attempt to make your narrow garden space look more square, but in the back of your mind you know that, unless

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16 inviting ways to bring the outdoors in |

Looking for garden room ideas? If your home is in need of some extra square footage (and some extra light), this windowed structure could be the answer.

By definition, a garden room is a windowed space with a fully shingled roof. Most often, a garden room is a freestanding backyard idea, like a shed or a greenhouse. But, they can also be attached to an existing building, similar to a sunroom, conservatory or orangery.

Fed up with our existing four walls, we are all looking to our outdoor spaces for the answer to how we expand our property’s footprint. With

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Create a garden for all five senses |

Let us show you how to plant yourself happy with sensory garden ideas that will stimulate all the senses.

Sensory gardens are intimate outdoor spaces filled with enticing sounds, scents and textures, designed to delight. All gardens provide sensory experiences, but garden ideas with sensory at their heart will have a concentration of different elements that stimulate the five basic senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. 

These gardens are sometimes stimulating, sometimes calming, and offer tangible, visceral experiences that can evoke emotions and aid relaxation.

While sensory garden plants are for everyone, they are particularly beneficial to children,

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10 Sloping Garden Ideas: Landscaping tips for a tricky space

Looking for sloping garden ideas?

No garden is completely flat, unless a digger has been in and levelled the site. Many gardens are on a slope, which, when initially viewed, can be a little daunting.

Many questions are raised, such as what happens if it rains heavily? Will there be erosion of soil? Will the soil dry out? What plants can I grow? What is the easiest solution for getting from the bottom to the top? And, of course, many more. 

But a slope can add real interest to a garden and create a character all of its own. 


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12 design and planting tips |

With laid-back, alfresco living at their heart, Mediterranean garden ideas are all about spending time outside with friends and family, soaking up the beautiful surroundings, and recreating the feel of sunnier climes.

From the sleek and stylish gardens of Italy’s Amalfi coast, to the natural, rustic appeal of French farmhouse plots, Mediterranean gardens are brimming with garden ideas to borrow and recreate in your own home garden. 

Mediterranean garden ideas – where to start

Evoking the feel of Mediterranean garden ideas has a lot to do with the choice of planting, but the materials used for landscaping are also important

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Balcony garden ideas: 15 ways to create an oasis

These balcony garden ideas will help you create a beautiful space and reap the benefits of outdoor life, even if you live in the city and don’t have a traditional yard out large outdoor space.

Considering the weather conditions, such as the amount of sunlight the balcony gets how windy it can be, and of course, how much space you have, will help when deciding which flowers to purchase or grow. 

And, if you’re not sure where to start and need some fresh garden ideas to inspire you, we’ve asked the experts to share their balcony garden knowledge with us

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