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8 outdated interior design trends to avoid in 2024

If your plan for 2024 involves redecoration, avoid an expensive mistake by ensuring you’re up to date with the latest trends falling out of fashion and the ones replacing them. 

We asked a team of leading interior design experts for their predictions on what 2024 will bring trends and how you can get the look at home.

Two very different aesthetics dominated the interior design trends of 2023. The first was Japandi, a mix of Japanese and Scandi design, which saw us decorate our homes with bamboo, macrame and crochet, while the second was the trend towards an Industrial Look,

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Vegetable garden ideas offer some of the most rewarding gardening experiences. 

After all, there is nothing quite like harvesting crops straight from your own plot. That rewarding moment when you pluck a red, juicy tomato from its vine, or unearth a bright orange carrot from the depths of the soil, is hard to beat and will have you  itching to plant more. There is great satisfaction in knowing that you’ve given your crops a season of TLC and now get to enjoy the literal fruits of your labor. 

There is no reason why everyone shouldn’t have a vegetable garden as

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