Thanksgiving Fall Porch Decor To Hold You Over Until Christmas

Ah, November — a sweet time of perfectly crisp autumn weather and, for some, a little bit of a reprieve from the madness of Halloween and the family event gauntlet leading up to Christmas. If you go all out decorating for both of those holidays, it’s easy to pass over Thanksgiving and think, meh, no one decorates for that anyway. But if you’re hosting and want to impress, or you’re just feeling the Thanksgiving spirit this year, Thanksgiving and fall porch decor can be super fun and easy to put up.

Here’s the beauty of decorating your porch for fall:

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Elegance in Autumn: 6 Classy Home Decor Must-Haves

As the air gets colder, the leaves turn red and orange, and your regular Starbucks order switches from classic to pumpkin spice, you may be wondering how to maintain a classy home decor while still participating in the autumn aesthetic. 

Whether you are trying to impress your holiday guests or simply attempting to get into the harvest spirit, there are boundless opportunities to incorporate fall festivity while still keeping a chic appearance. From gourds to candles to table dressers, these decor ideas are interchangeable with any home theme. No matter your pick, these items will leave your home feeling cozier

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Style at home: Gourds make gorgeous fall decor

Fall decor has arrived, and with it come gorgeous gourds.

Pumpkins and gourds are one of the most widely recognized symbols of fall in North America and have been featured in both outdoor and indoor decor for centuries. A symbol of a bountiful harvest, these versatile beauties can add a seasonal touch to any room. Here are a few ways we’ve incorporated pumpkins and gourds into our fall decor.

Monochrome moments

Sprinkling a collection of white gourds throughout the living room lends the spirit of autumn without overpowering the initial design and flow of the space. While a single pumpkin

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COLUMN: Fall garden planning should start now | News

Many people say that food grown at home tastes far better than what you can get at a grocery store.

Some may be interested in having their own garden, but it could be an overwhelming task if you don’t have a plan.

Factors to be considered are adequate soil preparation, varieties to use, and obtaining the seeds. Some crops do better when you start seeds earlier, and then transplant them into the garden. T

his can be done growing seeds in partial shade with insect protection.

To figure out when you should plant this garden is dependent on how

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