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The best part of renovating a 1955 brick ranch? One hardly knows where to begin.

One could start by smacking oneself in the head with a ball-peen hammer until one faints, thereby being exempt from everything that follows, such as: ripping up ancient shag carpet; ripping out bathrooms that were current when “Pal Joey” was a hit, and ripping off faux-pine paneling GLUED TO brick walls.

(The last item involved weeks of applying solvent, using heat guns to soften the glue and chisels to pry it off inch by agonizing inch. We should have just painted the paneling.)

By smiting

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Garden Drive-In to mark 70 years

HUNLOCK CREEK — It’s certainly not a stretch to say that it’s been an odd few years for the entertainment industry (and for everyone in general), but the Garden Drive-In has been thrown many a curve ball in its 70 years.

Generations of ownership and loyal employees have continued to knock ’em out of the park, however, and will celebrate the theater’s 70th anniversary next week.

Doug and Kim Barbacci currently own the venue.

“Kim’s folks bought the theater in 1986, so, Kim and I operated the theater for 100 years now,” Doug told a reporter with a laugh.


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