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11 Living Room Design Ideas Designers Swear By

You’re in need of some living room design ideas but hiring an interior designer or contractor to revamp the space sounds daunting (and expensive)? Before you resign to spending yet another evening in a lackluster living room, consider this: It’s possible to transform the core room in your home with a modest budget and minimal heavy lifting. Noz Nozawa, principal designer and owner of Noz Design, knows that a little bit of savvy can go a long way. “You can absolutely make meaningful improvements to your living space without completely overhauling what you have today,” the San Francisco–based designer says.

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Water feature ideas: 11 ways to add water to any backyard

Adding water feature ideas to your garden design will allow you to boost to the sensory experience of your backyard, altering the mood and feeling, or bringing life and movement to even the smallest outdoor space. 

A fountain or cascade can be energizing and create drama, while the still, reflective surface of a pond, or gentle flow of water in a rill or stream, can provide a meditative and soothing experience. 

Water features offer the opportunity to add an interesting array of aquatic and marginal plants and increase the biodiversity for wildlife. 

Water feature ideas can also act as a

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Country garden ideas: 31 ways with planting and landscaping

Classic country garden ideas have been replicated across the globe, with lovers of the look taking inspiration from both grand country houses and smaller plots that surround rustic homes with colorful blooms, heady scent and wayward wildflowers.

Country garden ideas can be replicated in urban plots, too, where the softer foliage and less formal planting takes the edge off the urban landscape.

Below, you can discover the secrets of country garden style, and we have more amazing garden ideas, whatever your style, in our dedicated feature.

Country garden ideas: a guide to rustic growing

Key to developing your country garden

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34 Patio ideas for a stylish outdoor living space

Make the most of your outdoor space by turning your patio ideas into a special focal point within your garden. Whatever your garden shape or size a patio makes it easy for your garden ideas to shine with little maintenance required. From porcelain to concrete there are a variety of materials to choose from.

‘Your patio is the social centre of your garden so it’s essential to design it perfectly. You don’t want it to dominate your garden and overshadow your greenery, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be too small to be unfit for purpose. We advise that

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Landscaping: How to add antiques to your garden

We’re all guilty of tending to our homes more than our gardens, but with summer days stretching out into balmy evenings, now is the time to stamp some style on your plot. Whether you’re on the look out for garden antiques or want to give old pieces new life, here’s how to hunt out unusual pieces of salvage and and reclaimed stonework for your garden…

How to design your garden with antiques

Shop around at reclamation yards and antique shops

Reclamation yards and decorative antiques shops – even skips, for that matter – yield old pieces of beautifully weathered or

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