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What does the future of home and garden design look like? We asked ChatGPT

 a desk and chair with computer and sewing machine in a room with bold graphic wallpaper on the walls

a desk and chair with computer and sewing machine in a room with bold graphic wallpaper on the walls

For many years, the evolution of artificial intelligence was ticking away slowly in the background. A customer service bot here, a factory machine there – and let’s not forget the likes of Alexa, Siri, and Google Translate.

Over the past few months, though, AI tech has evolved at an overwhelmingly rapid velocity. In fact, this week saw Google dominate headlines when it announced that it is joining the AI arms race with a multi-language translator tool and a creative writing aid,

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Garden Design Ideas & Advice | Garden Landscaping

Create the perfect outdoor space with our expert garden landscape ideas and design advice. When it comes to planning a new back garden or front garden, there is so much to consider and think about. We can help you shape your garden layout ideas and create a gorgeous garden landscape design to work with. As well as garden planning advice, our articles are jampacked full of inspiration, including contemporary garden designs, Mediterranean garden ideas, and even garden pathway ideas. We’ve got the knowledge to help you create the ideal outdoor space to suit your style and needs. Whether you want

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Water feature ideas: 11 ways to add water to any backyard

Adding water feature ideas to your garden design will allow you to boost to the sensory experience of your backyard, altering the mood and feeling, or bringing life and movement to even the smallest outdoor space. 

A fountain or cascade can be energizing and create drama, while the still, reflective surface of a pond, or gentle flow of water in a rill or stream, can provide a meditative and soothing experience. 

Water features offer the opportunity to add an interesting array of aquatic and marginal plants and increase the biodiversity for wildlife. 

Water feature ideas can also act as a

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10 ways to design gardens by the ocean |

Coastal garden design embraces natural textures, weathered finishes, a loose and relaxed style of planting and spots to pause and enjoy the ocean vistas stretching out before you.

Although an ocean view can come with challenging conditions, it also presents an opportunity to grow plants that thrive in the salty, windy, exposed situation, and create a design quite unlike any other.

The beach is a place of escapism and feeling a reconnection with nature, so include some of these key elements in your backyard ideas to create an outdoor space that perfectly complements its surroundings. 

Coastal garden ideas 

The most

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8 ideas for gardens of all sizes |

Formal garden design can suit traditional and contemporary outdoor spaces, backyards large or small, and from urban garden to country retreat. 

While formal gardens comes in all shapes and sizes, there are certain key features  you should include as part of your garden ideas when planning your elegant outdoor space. 

There are ways to approach the layout and design when deciding how to plan a garden of this style. Here experts offer their advice on the essentials to get you started.

Formal garden design – elements to include

evergreens and repeated planting in formal garden design

(Image credit: Tina James )

‘The layout of a formal garden design

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Contemporary Garden Design Ideas | Airtasker US

More and more people are getting into gardening these days, and who can blame them? Gardening as a hobby lets us get more vitamin D and helps with our mental and emotional wellbeing. It’s also a form of exercise and can be a bonding activity between loved ones. There’s no better time to start one than right now.

We’re all familiar with traditional gardens: they are awesome spaces to stay in and perhaps remind us of our childhood homes. But if you want to create something slightly different – specifically contemporary garden designs – you’ve come to the right place! 

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Clacks pupil wins garden design contest

Jackson Mackenzie, an S1 pupil at Clackmannanshire Schools’ Support Service, won the eighth edition of the contest with his bus-shaped garden design.

His garden touched on his love for buses and will include a bug hotel, bird feeders, wild flowers and bulbs.

Organised by Keep Scotland Beautiful, the competition aims to showcase school pupil’s imaginations and promote sustainability through their designs.

Eve Keepax, education and learning officer at Keep Scotland Beautiful, said: “Pocket Garden is uplifting.

“This year’s new theme of A Garden of Celebration has opened the door to an outpouring of ideas of what children want to celebrate

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Casual Gardener: Grand garden designs at Serc’s Holywood Campus

South Eastern Regional College is offering a chance to hone your garden design skills…

MOST gardeners are garden designers, whether they realise it or not. Choosing where to place a particular container or deciding which two plants work well together is part of a process that seeks to maximise the impact of a space on the eye. When taken to extremes by the likes of Capability Brown, the 18th century landscaper, garden design can involve acres of land, huge amounts of labour and thousands of plants. But good design can be just as crucial in a small space, where planting

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Designer Line-up Announced For Auckland’s Premier Garden Festival

Organisers of the Auckland Garden DesignFest have today
confirmed the list of 15 professional garden designers who
have made the cut for their 2022 event. Visitors can meet
the designers onsite at 18 private gardens throughout
Auckland on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27

Garden pictured was
designed by Neville Design Studio and Studio Naomi Rushmer.
Credit: Scott Sinton.


holders will be spoilt for choice with a wide array of
garden sizes and design styles.

The designers
selected for 2022 are;

Adam Evans (Urbis Landscapes),
Alex McClew, Andy

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