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North America will see the tiny house market grow 57% by 2027, according to market research company Technavio.

With people buying more tiny homes, they also must consider how to decorate these homes. Furniture retailer Ballard Designs reports that 25% of those surveyed think smaller spaces are more challenging to decorate than larger spaces.

The Technavio report estimates the steady increase in the tiny home market will continue, considering the rise in housing prices and more interest in pre-built or custom-built homes.

Thinking Smaller

Decorators hired to design the furnishings for a small space like a tiny home have to

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Lawrence elementary students break ground on home they helped design

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It started with one question that one Limestone Community School student, Quillan Dutro, asked — “What if everyone had a home?”

That question became an idea, and now that idea is being built from the ground up, as a home for people experiencing homelessness.

First and second graders out of this school in Lawrence broke ground on what will eventually be affordable housing.

“They had been hearing their parents talk about how this has been a growing issue in our area,” said Madeline Herrera, the director of Limestone.

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Nate Berkus shares design expertise on how to create a ‘lived-in’ feel in the home

NYC-based interior designer Nate Berkus has shared his top tips on how to create a ‘lived-in’ feel in the home. Taking to Instagram, the celebrated interior designer who is known for sharing resourceful tips on the social platform to help homeowners elevate their homes, shared a series of images that all have one thing in common: black leather furniture.

The post celebrates decorating with vintage furniture that is crafted from high-quality materials, such as original leather, to create a homely feeling that can add real depth to a space. ‘Using materials that are not “perfect” can bring a lived-in element

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TikTok and Instagram accounts to follow for renter-friendly design ideas

Your house should be a reflection of your sense of style and personality. Even if you’re renting and can’t make permanent changes to your abode, there are plenty of ways to add character and colour that are not simply reserved for those who own their own property.

People often ask, why bother? ‘My biggest answer to this question is with another – why should I live with rental optic white walls and bare bulbs just because of my financial reality?’ journalist and renter Katherine Ormerod explains in her article on the highs and lows of creating a non-permanent family home.

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2023 is all about entertaining at home

WOW!house 2023 home bar by Tala Fustok (James McDonald)

WOW!house 2023 home bar by Tala Fustok (James McDonald)

Home bars were a breakout trend during lockdown when going out wasn’t an option,” says Jen Nash, the senior design lead at Magnet, a British kitchen company. “But now,” she continues, “as people look to adjust spending habits and lifestyle behaviours in response to the cost of living crisis, we’re seeing the home bar trend return.”

For many, the home is increasingly functioning as a place for socialising, and the design community is responding to this trend. So, cue the new phrase being bandied around by interior designers:

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Traditional home decor ideas that are making a comeback


Traditional home decor ideas that are making a comeback

June 27, 2023 | 05:42 pm
2 min read

Vintage vibe is back!

Generations, designs, trends, and tastes may change, however, there are a few home decor styles that stand the test of time and rarely fade away.

Today, some of the most popular ones that were once a rage during the 1980s and 90s, are now making a striking comeback to many homes.

Don’t believe us? Well, check these out yourself.

Wall art

Wall art used to be a constant part of one’s home decor back in the day.

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East Dallas interior designer shares tips for home decor

Kalee Fuqua Doche, who lives in the Junius Heights neighborhood adjacent to Lakewood, worked as an artist in partnership with interior designers for 20 years, creating murals and faux finishes. Four years ago, she pivoted to interior design herself and began working at her brother’s architectural firm, J Wilson Fuqua & Associates, Architects. She describes her own style as “eclectic,” but said she specializes in bringing clients’ own styles and visions to fruition.

Here are her tips for homeowners looking to spruce up the interiors of their homes. Answers may have been edited for length and clarity.

What are

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20 garden room ideas to enhance your backyard and lifestyle

The best garden room ideas will see you enjoying a natural extension of your home, all without the hassle and costs of actually extending a house. Contemporary or classic style garden rooms will not only visually enhance your outdoor space but, they have endless practical perks too. 

With transformative backyard ideas, you can create more separation from daily home routines, and add a little luxury – whether you want a small garden room hidden in an unused corner of the land, or a shepherd’s hut acting as your full-time office space – there are endless options. With modular rooms of

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Meet the Designers of the 2023 REAL SIMPLE Home

These six designers are helping us create the waterfront penthouse of your dreams.

<p>Courtesy of Michelle Gage Interior Design</p>

Courtesy of Michelle Gage Interior Design

We’re already hard at work on our sixth annual REAL SIMPLE Home, a waterfront penthouse, in Brooklyn Heights, N.Y., just minutes from the Brooklyn Bridge. We’ve recruited six brilliant designers to help bring to life all the genius design and organizing ideas we’re known for. While the full reveal won’t happen until September (in the October issue and right here on RealSimple.com), we’ll be sharing updates and sneak peeks along the way throughout the next four months. First up, meet

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6 Items From the Get It Done Home That Will Elevate Your Interior Design

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Find the thing that will give your home the “oomph” it needs.

<p>Yousee Studio</p>

When decorating a home, there are items that can add to a space, and then there are items that can transform it. For example, a unique ceramic vase can add some necessary shape and texture to a bookshelf display, while the bookshelf itself, depending on its style, can dictate the design story of the entire room. It’s good to have a balance of both complementary and statement pieces in every home—too

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