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Hurricane Ian another blow for Florida’s buckling home insurance sector

For many Floridians whose homes were destroyed, they now face the arduous task of rebuilding after Hurricane Ian without insurance or paying even steeper prices in an insurance market that was already struggling.

Even before Ian, Florida’s home insurance market was dealing with billions of dollars in losses from a string of natural disasters, rampant litigation and increasing fraud. The difficult environment has put many insurers out of business and caused others to raise their prices or tighten their restrictions, making it harder for Floridians to obtain insurance.

Those who do manage to insure their homes are seeing costs increase

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16 Common Home Improvements That Lower Your Insurance Premiums

Home insurance is a costly but necessary expense. And while many home improvements won’t help you with insurance costs, some could actually lower your monthly payments.

Some of these home improvements are low-cost ideas you can pay for with a low-interest home improvement loan. In addition to lowering your insurance rates, they could also improve the quality of life within your home.

11 Legit Ways to Make Extra Cash

1. Storm-resistant windows

Storm-resistant windows can be a significant expense for any homeowner, but they can pay off in many ways. In addition to reducing the chance of your window

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