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80 Home Office Ideas for an Organized and Creative Workspace

Home office idea

Whether you worked from home long before the pandemic, never returned to the office, or are now living the hybrid life, you know that the right digs can make all the difference. It’s no wonder many of us are on the hunt for genius home office ideas.

“As more people work from home, having a designated home office space is no longer a nice-to-have but a necessity,” says Kelly Simcox, the head of global Design at Interface/FLOR. “It is equally important that a home office space embraces the comfort of home while also providing

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Celebrity designer and Minnesota native Nate Berkus shares tips on making home spaces work for you

Home design, just like people, evolves through the years. Minnesota native and celebrity interior designer Nate Berkus is an expert at reimagining space for changing needs, whether that’s downsizing, moving or reimagining extra rooms as an empty nester.

“The story of what a successful interior communicates is who you are, who you’ve been, and who you aspire to be,” said Berkus, whose recent design partnerships include Amazon and PetSmart. We caught up with him on the phone from his home in New York, which he shares with husband and fellow interior design star Jeremiah Brent and their two young children.

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73 Inspiring Bedroom Ideas and Expert Tips to Transform Your Home, According to Interior Designers

modern bedroom idea

Are you on the hunt for ways to level up your primary bedroom, guest room, haven for boys, girls or teens, or a cozy space for your in-laws? Then you’re in luck, because we asked 12 of the best interior designers around to share sleeping spaces they’ve designed along with insights and tricks of the trade that you can use as bedroom ideas in your own home.

From small rooms to large master bedrooms, and spaces that range in style from modern to boho, these 73 rustic and cool bedroom design ideas have it all. Whether you’re

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Central Oregon Home Design Trends | The Source Weekly

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Photo by Chris Murray Productions

When thinking about the broader picture, interior designer Sara VanStelten recommends going for a more classic look in the backsplash and elsewhere, like the one seen in this kitchen she designed for a client.

Spend a lot of time watching HGTV and you start to think you know what interior design and home remodeling are all about. Pick some colors, rip out some walls and presto, you’re enjoying a whole new look to your home.

But behind those before-and-after home reveals comes a lot of time and hard work — something

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How Maximalist Decor Offers a Healthy Break From the Algorithm Life

We all know the saying “Less is more.” Over the past century, the aphorism has become a battle cry for architects and designers, defining a modernist aesthetic that champions the minimal and the refined over the busy and the ornamental as a path toward better living. But has our understanding of minimalism itself become a little too reductive? And does it even fit with our collective ethos here in 2024? 

While the pithy phrase was popularized by the 20th-century German American architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, it doesn’t apply to the way many of his clients actually lived in

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11 Vintage Interiors Books to Fuel Your Home Design Fantasies

In our very online era, design trends seem to bloom and wither faster than ever. Concepts that might at first strike us as unexpected can quickly be turned into clichés by algorithms. See: Zellige tiles or banana leaf wallpaper. One antidote to this rapid churn is, of course, more analog sources of inspiration, in particular books — the older and harder to find the better. So, we asked a handful of designers to each recommend a title, ideally a vintage one, that continues to offer up exciting ideas.

Brigette Romanek, 48, interior designer: “The Decoration of Houses” by

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Phoenix Interior Design & Home Improvement, Custom Fabrications Announced

Kristen Ketterson, the certified professional interior designer behind Interior Motifs (602-515-8894) in Phoenix, Arizona, is pleased to now be offering custom fabrications as a part of her full-service interior design work.

Kristen Ketterson is pleased to announce that Interior Motifs’ services now include custom fabrications. She hopes that this new offering will allow her design firm to create truly unique and personalized interiors for their clients and to bring their vision to life in a way that goes beyond standard or conventional ‘off the rack’ pieces and style selections.

More information is

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Interior design updates for 2024

These Are The Top Interior Design Trends For 2024

2024 is finally here. If you’ve been looking to refresh your home, now couldn’t be a better time. It seems the world is finally open to new designs and ideas. Overall, it’s about making homes cozier, more colorful, and incorporating more playful decor.

Whether you’re refreshing your home, planning a major renovation, or aiming to redecorate a room at some point this year, here are 12 of the top interior design trends for 2024, according to interior designers and experts.

Curved Furniture

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Elevate your porch with these fall decor ideas from area pros

Declare your unabashed love for the season and its cinnamon-scented trappings with a front porch decked out in fall decor. Along with showcasing some of our favorite displays, we chatted with local design gurus and green thumbs about the best ways to create a festive doorway.

Pile up the pumpkins

Pumpkins on porch steps
At this home, Torres arranged a trail of pumpkins leading up the porch steps.(Courtesy Porch Pumpkins)

When life gives you pumpkins, pile them up on your porch for a grand fall display. If your trunk can’t handle gobs of gourdes, call on Heather Torres of Porch Pumpkins. They’ll

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