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Interior Designs That Bring Hollywood Home

While the mania for Barbie pink will surely fade away, the inspiration that designers and their clients get from films and TV is perennial. Whether it’s a kitchen inspired by It’s Complicated, living spaces that emulate a Wes Anderson movie, or a guest room that features board-game trinkets and art that nod to the movie Clue, imagery from small and large screens sparks people’s imaginations.

A moody bedroom by Urbanology took cues from the board game and 1985 movie Clue, including a painting that reminded designer Ginger Curtis of Colonel Mustard.

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“When Something’s Gotta Give

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What does the future of home and garden design look like? We asked ChatGPT

 a desk and chair with computer and sewing machine in a room with bold graphic wallpaper on the walls

a desk and chair with computer and sewing machine in a room with bold graphic wallpaper on the walls

For many years, the evolution of artificial intelligence was ticking away slowly in the background. A customer service bot here, a factory machine there – and let’s not forget the likes of Alexa, Siri, and Google Translate.

Over the past few months, though, AI tech has evolved at an overwhelmingly rapid velocity. In fact, this week saw Google dominate headlines when it announced that it is joining the AI arms race with a multi-language translator tool and a creative writing aid,

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Interior & Design Manila Lifestyle back-to-back with Philippine International Furniture Show this March at SMX Manila

The first and only trade exposition dedicated to interior designers is rebranding in 2023. This year, Interior & Design Manila is staging two separate events—the first focusing on lifestyle and residential spaces, while the second on hospitality and commercial spaces. The move is aimed at further expanding its reach and influence across these interconnected industries, showcasing the latest in design trends and technology while setting up connections with industry leaders.

The first, Interior & Design Manila Lifestyle, is set from March 9–11 at the SMX Convention Center Manila in the SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. The three-day event

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Interior Designers Love Coco Republic’s High-Quality Furniture

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When it comes to something as subjective as interior design, it can be hard to know what’s high-quality and what’s cheap, what’s stylish and what’s tacky, and what’s timeless and what’s only trendy for now.

In those situations, it’s always a good idea to look towards experts in the interior design field. If the people who are in the know are raving about one brand or one designer, then it’s certainly a pairing worth your attention.

One such example? Coco Republic and

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