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47 Industrial Living Room Ideas to Bring a City Loft to Your Home

Industrial design highlights raw, unfinished spaces with modern design elements that emphasize the beauty of exposed materials and structural elements, Diana George, the founder of DG Design Group, says.

“The style is all about reclaiming objects, architecture, and furniture that have their roots in commercial design—especially factories and offices—for residential purposes,” Adnan Anwar, the founder of Adnan Anwar Design, says.

Below, learn more about the key elements of industrial design while gathering tips from professional designers for embracing the look in your own home. You’ll also find 47 examples of well-designed industrial style living rooms of all shapes

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12 Designer-Approved Tricks to Fill a New Home With Vintage Character

how to make a new house look old

How to Infuse Vintage Charm Into a New HomeMatthew Williams

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No matter how updated the design, an interior that lacks color, texture and architectural interest is going to feel generic. As more and more homeowners and renters look to give their modern cookie-cutter homes some old-world character, we’re seeing antique finds, maximalist design and ornate millwork trending in home design this year.

Unfortunately, we don’t all have the luxury of living in historic houses with original architectural details, but that doesn’t mean you can’t

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Maximalist Decorating Ideas That Master the Art of ‘More Is More’

a living room with a couch and chairs

16 Perfectly Over-the-Top Maximalist Decor IdeasDavid Tsay

For some people, a minimalist decorating style or a modern farmhouse aesthetic perfectly suits their desires when it comes to interiors. For others, however, the idea of little-to-no trinkets or accessories and white or neutral walls everywhere simply doesn’t work, and that’s where maximalist decorating comes in. Maximalism lets you incorporate all different colors, patterns, textures, and forms. The popular and beloved bookshelf wealth interior design style is a form of maximalist interior design, as is the beautiful grandmillennial aesthetic.

There’s a fine line between functionality and beauty, though, and you need

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13 Modern Fireplace Ideas to Create the Upgraded Cozy Space of Your Dreams

Settle in around these contemporary fireplace designs.

<p>Photography by Mike Van Tassell</p>

Photography by Mike Van Tassell

A fireplace is a constant in many people’s dream home wishlist. It’s a timeless element that can create storybook-like living rooms and the evoke the coziest of atmospheres. However, the rustic brick fireplaces of the past aren’t a fit for everyone’s modern-day homes. So, whether you’re hoping to upgrade the existing fireplace in your home or add a new feature to your space, you may be looking for modern alternatives. Below, find 12 modern fireplaces that can serve as a sleek and comforting centerpiece to your home.


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Sagittarius Season: Sagittarius Season: 14 Design Ideas From the Homes of Sagittarius Celebrities

I’m preemptively warning you that I’m about to invoke the infamous Caroline Calloway for the sake of this Sagittarius season story (and if that means nothing to you, bless your heart). First, I want to take you back to 2019. It was the year of the self-proclaimed scammer’s controversial workshops, the buzzy exposé by her ex-best friend, and the incessant hawking of Dreamer Bb paintings online. As the befuddling star was on the rise, I would find myself, like many others, casually clicking through her hundreds of Instagram stories. What both fascinated and horrified me the most about Caroline wasn’t

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These Modern Living Room Ideas Are Far From Boring

modern living rooms

50 Modern Living Room Ideas You’ll LoveJanis Nicolay

Defined by clean lines, natural materials and minimalist decor, modern home design is one of the most well-known interior design styles. In the living room, the aesthetic translates to a space that feels airy and uncluttered, yet cozy and welcoming. Here, we’ve rounded up dreamy modern living room ideas that showcase steal-worthy design trends and functional layouts for casual family time.

Whether you’re designing a family-friendly living room or looking for small living room ideas, there are many design avenues that can be taken to achieve a fresh and elevated

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Can’t afford high mortgage rate but want a new home? Try these projects

When the pandemic brought on record-low mortgage rates, many Americans bought new homes or refinanced.

Fast-forward about three years to now when rates have nearly doubled, though, and a lot of those people are realizing a claustrophobic truth: That great deal has now shackled them to a property they might have outgrown.

But if you’re in that situation, you’re not without options.

Many homeowners are now reinventing their houses rather than trading up to a different house and a much higher rate.

“With low inventory levels in the housing market, many Twin Cities homeowners are turning to home improvement projects

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12 Mirror Decor Ideas to Enhance Your Space

Because mirrors aren’t just for bathrooms and vanities.

Things like paint, hardware, and lighting may be integral parts of a room’s decor scheme, but it’s the decorative elements that really help bring your design to life. While there are many ways to accessorize a room, there are certain pieces pros turn to time and time again to bring both function and beauty to a space. One such item? Mirrors.

<p>Photo by Julie Soefer for Chandos Collective</p>

Photo by Julie Soefer for Chandos Collective

Available in nearly endless shapes and styles, mirrors have the ability to lighten and brighten any space, as well as increase a

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6 fall decorating ideas that make a home look expensive, cozy and warm

Fall decor that makes a home look expensive definitely doesn’t have to come at a premium price. Interiors knowhow can bring high-end results without a big spend.

An expensive fall look can be an aesthetic rather than the result of purchasing power, and that’s a principle that applies generally, as well as proving applicable to fall decor ideas.

Beautifully curated interiors that reflect nature’s colors and bounty to make a home warm and welcoming can appear to have been achieved as if expense hasn’t been spared without that actually being the case.

How to create elevated fall decor on

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8 Home Design Books to Read This Fall

Poring over the best new decorating books, we found the best design ideas to steal for your own home.

<p>Read McKendree</p>

With so many must-read home design books available, it can be tricky choosing just one. So we took the guesswork out and compiled a list of eight great books, all available this fall, that will help you find your personal decorating style—and explain how to achieve it.

Meet the 2023 BHG Stylemakers


<p>Carson Downing</p>

Interior design journalist and consultant Amy Moorea Wong showcases 20 homes to demonstrate how to add color in a way that’s sophisticated yet accessible.

Buy It: Kaleidoscope: Modern

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