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Business Spotlight: Jackson Design & Remodeling forecasts top design trends for 2024

Jackson Design & Remodeling’s award-winning designers and architects have revealed their annual list of the top trends for the new year, expecting that 2024 home designs will be inspired by staycations, dream destinations and a warmer take on minimalism.

Joy and positivity are making an impression with imaginative combinations of style, texture, pattern and color.

“Relaxing home design that balances simplicity and luxury with the calming influence of greenery and the tranquility of a Bali retreat will continue to gain in popularity in 2024,” according to Jackson Design & Remodeling senior interior designer Jen

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8 Patio Decorating Ideas From Interior Designers

These smart patio decorating ideas will turn your outdoor space into an inviting, entertaining-friendly oasis.

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Whether it’s located in the front or back of your home, your patio has serious potential to become an inviting extension of your indoor living space. With that in mind, it makes a lot of sense to invest extra care into your patio so it feels cozy and welcoming to family and guests alike. With just a few designer-approved tweaks and some attention to detail—and lots of comfortable seating—your patio will quickly become a destination to kick back, soak up the outdoors, and make

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Dreaming of Warm Weather? Reimagine Your Home and Outdoor Space With These Easy and Affordable Design Tips

No matter how large or small, outdoor space of any kind is precious real estate. 

The easiest way to upgrade the utility of your home is to put those spaces to use. That said, it’s understandable, especially if you don’t find your space too appealing, if you find yourself choosing to forgo using certain outdoor areas due to size, storage needs, or even access to sunlight. But transforming your space doesn’t have to be a monumental undertaking—in fact, with affordable solutions from IKEA, it can be not only easy to upgrade your space, but fun. Here are three simple tips

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