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Your Home and Garden Are About To Get a Big Boost in Yakima

Did you recently purchase a new home? Maybe you’re looking for ideas to spruce up and modernize the home you’ve been in for years. Whatever the case you’ll find plenty of ideas and plans at the annual Central Washington Home and Garden Show set for this weekend, March 10-12 in the Yakima Valley Sundome.


According to a press release the “2023 Central Washington Home & Garden Show’s Design Delights: A Journey of Intention and Meaning is an interactive event that delights your senses and excites your imagination as you

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Car Crashes In To Nursery At Lowe’s

No injuries were reported after a car crashed into the nursery at Lowe’s in Saugus.

Around 2:55 p.m. Friday, first responders received reports of a traffic collision at the Garden Center of the Lowe’s Home Improvement on Bouquet Canyon Road near Newhall Ranch Road, said Sgt. Clark for the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station.

“They crashed into the Lowe’s nursery,” Clark said.

The crash remains under investigation, and no arrests have been made as of the publication of this article.

Law enforcement officials at the scene stated that the crash occurred due to a mental health crisis involving the driver.

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Lowe’s Tweaks Scheduling System, Offers Employees 4-Day Work Week

Lowe’s is giving full-time workers in its stores the choice to schedule four-day work weeks. The home improvement retailer made the decision after its five-day schedule left many associates complaining about an inability to find a balance between their personal and work lives as a result of having very few consecutive days off, reports Retail Wire. Lowe’s introduced the new four-day scheduling option last week to provide “more flexibility and consistency” in associates’ schedules.

In 2019, Lowe’s instituted a program that gave workers a full weekend off every eight weeks. As a result, there were very few weeks

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How witches, Elvis and lobsters influence home furnishings: an editor’s vacation odyssey | Cindy W. Hodnett

Furniture is always top of mind for FT editors; it’s a privilege (no, not a hazard) of the profession. Case in point, I recently attended an international home furnishings show in Portugal and followed it with an 11-day vacation road trip in the northeastern U.S. and throughout all of it, I couldn’t help but think about how location and cultural influences can sway a furniture purchase.

The Netflix/Hollywood influence

Consider how an entirely new generation of furniture buyers was introduced to Mid-Century Modern furniture during the heyday of Mad Men, the series about a successful advertising executive set in the

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Home improvement | Journal Scene

The best part of renovating a 1955 brick ranch? One hardly knows where to begin.

One could start by smacking oneself in the head with a ball-peen hammer until one faints, thereby being exempt from everything that follows, such as: ripping up ancient shag carpet; ripping out bathrooms that were current when “Pal Joey” was a hit, and ripping off faux-pine paneling GLUED TO brick walls.

(The last item involved weeks of applying solvent, using heat guns to soften the glue and chisels to pry it off inch by agonizing inch. We should have just painted the paneling.)

By smiting

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H.O.M.E Center donates furniture to new residents

By C.J. Vetter

HAYS COUNTY –  Former unhoused individuals members of the homeless population recently had an opportunity to receive furniture for their new homes.

The Central Texas H.O.M.E Center, an organization dedicated to addressing the homeless crisis, helped the new residents furnish their homes with donated items on June 23. The event served as a way to help mitigate the costs of a new apartment or home by supplying gently used furniture, and is part of a larger effort to combat a growing housing crisis. 

Those seeking aid were instructed to arrive at 9:30 a.m. and could select from

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Stylish, green, available: Antique furniture is new again

This combination of two photos shows a disassembled wood cabinet, left, and the cabinet refinished with white paint and brass hardware, featured in the book “Probably This Housewarming: A Guide to Creating a Home You Adore,” by Beau Ciolino and Matt Armato.
Beau Ciolino via AP

There’s always been a taste for antique furnishings. These days, a widely acquired taste.

Antiques are hot partly because of supply chain delays and higher prices for many custom or mass-market pieces. There’s also the public’s turn toward sustainability: Environmentally-conscious buyers are averse to throwaway furniture, and are trying to reuse and recycle.


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Garden Drive-In to mark 70 years

HUNLOCK CREEK — It’s certainly not a stretch to say that it’s been an odd few years for the entertainment industry (and for everyone in general), but the Garden Drive-In has been thrown many a curve ball in its 70 years.

Generations of ownership and loyal employees have continued to knock ’em out of the park, however, and will celebrate the theater’s 70th anniversary next week.

Doug and Kim Barbacci currently own the venue.

“Kim’s folks bought the theater in 1986, so, Kim and I operated the theater for 100 years now,” Doug told a reporter with a laugh.


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