Wildlife Garden Ideas & Planning your Design

Choosing plants

Choosing the right kind of plants for you, your garden and the wildlife in it, is an important part of building a successful nature friendly space.

Find out as much as you can about the soil, and whether your garden is sunny or shady. Many plants need specific soil and light conditions. Look around and find out what grows well in your local area, or find plants that require similar conditions to those already thriving in and around your garden.

Think about foliage as well as flowers, try to include leaves of different colours, shapes and textures,

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Turning a strip of no-man’s land into garden, curb appeal

You know that boring strip of grass — or weeds — between the street and the sidewalk that technically belongs to your city or town but whose care ultimately falls to you?

It goes by many names: median, verge, tree belt, boulevard, parkway, utility strip, parking strip — and my favorite, the hell strip, which best describes the growing conditions there.

This slice of no-man’s land is typically plagued by compacted soil, tree roots, exhaust fumes from passing cars, and “gifts” from neighborhood dogs. But with a little effort, the hell strip can become a heavenly garden addition

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Use these tips to protect your Colorado garden from bugs and disease

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Sherie Shaffer

By this time of year, vegetable gardeners have big plants are either awaiting their harvest, or already brining in the bounty from their garden. But it’s not all tomatoes and zucchini, pests and diseases start to wreak havoc this time of year as well.

You might have pesky aphids; they are attracted to many common vegetable garden plants. Luckily, they are pretty easy to control. Usually, spraying them off with a high-pressure jet of water will do the trick. If not, you might try an insecticidal soap. The use of pesticides is discouraged for an aphid

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COLUMN: Fall garden planning should start now | News

Many people say that food grown at home tastes far better than what you can get at a grocery store.

Some may be interested in having their own garden, but it could be an overwhelming task if you don’t have a plan.

Factors to be considered are adequate soil preparation, varieties to use, and obtaining the seeds. Some crops do better when you start seeds earlier, and then transplant them into the garden. T

his can be done growing seeds in partial shade with insect protection.

To figure out when you should plant this garden is dependent on how

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San Diego Botanic Garden puts on ‘World of Houseplants’ with rare and common species

San Diego Botanic Garden holds its summer exhibition, “World of Houseplants,” from July 16 through Sept. 5, featuring rare species and everyday houseplants ranging from air plants and aroids to carnivorous plants and wax plants.

The exhibit will be in the 8,000-square-foot Dickinson Family Education Conservatory at the garden at Quail Gardens Drive and Ecke Ranch Road, and builds on the conservatory collection with hundreds more plants. Vendors from the U.S. and abroad will sell plants and cuttings, potting materials, unique pots, and other houseplant products on certain days. The garden will offer classes and hands-on workshops about caring

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How to save money while gardening: Garden Guy

Gardening is one hobby that can actually save you money. 

FOX 9’s Garden Guy Dale K has tips for saving money while gardening, from your lawn to watering your plants. 

To start, Dale encourages you to go to the garden store with a list so you don’t

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