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How to outsource your holiday decorating | News

“A lot of my clients are looking for something new and fresh because they’ve used their same old holiday decor for years,” she said.

Often, her approach is to design around a chosen theme or color scheme, both when working with clients and in her own holiday plans.

“I personally have a different Christmas theme throughout my house every year,” she said.

Designer Caitlyn Cuadra often incorporates colors and themes based on wrapping paper designs. Photo courtesy Caitlyn Cuadra.

“Sometimes my themes kind of revolve around the wrapping paper that I choose, and I’m thinking of what it’s going to

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Small Home or Apartment? Here are 6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Cramped Space

This story is part of 12 Days of Tips, helping you make the most of your tech, home and health during the holiday season.

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When COVID-19 hit in 2020, my wife and I, with our two young children, decided to move in with my parents, in part to pay off debt, and in part to save money for buying our own house. We moved out of the first house we’d lived in as a family (before that, it’d been a series of apartments ranging from 600-720 square feet) and traveled to stay with my parents, where we would claim

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Bright Custom Homes brings its high-end design style to The Island in Rock Lake Estates

Newest Island builder joins luxurious northwest estate community

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Recognized as one of Calgary’s most luxurious estate communities, Rock Lake Estates boasts an idyllic landscape of 32.5 hectares teeming with

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