With all this freedom, my creativity has been dying

Here’s a word problem for all the math whizzes out there: What does a growing to-do list, plus less free time, multiplied by a strong urge to continue home improvements equal?

Insanity. It equals absolute insanity.

This insanity, for me, has manifested as an inability to make any decision that doesn’t involve caring for my 4-month-old infant. That sure doesn’t stop me from trying, though. I feel like I’m riding a carousel of madness as I cycle through my to-do project list, take a week or two researching options I have to carry out said project, get exhausted by my

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Design lessons from a newborn

When my husband, Aaron, and I first bought our home, my mind was brimming with ideas on how to make it our own. At one point, Aaron asked when I thought the house would be “done.” I said never.

Home With Tess: Nailed it! My Home Depot disaster

While I was only half-joking, I’ve come to realize that was the honest truth.

I grew up in a house where constant projects were the norm. My parents cycled from room to room making endless improvements, barely stopping to bask in the beauty before moving on to the next thing.

Theresa "Tess" Bennett

Theresa “Tess”

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