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20 Entryway Bench Ideas to Create a Warm Welcome

Add style and practical seating to your entryway with one of these bench ideas.

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If you have space in your entryway, a bench is a versatile addition that can make your front room or hall more stylish. Some entryway benches can provide extra storage for shoes and bags, while others act as an easy place to stop and tie your shoes before heading out the door. You can also find entryway benches that are purely decorative to add style just inside the front door. No matter what you’re looking for, these modern entryway bench ideas will help you create

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9 Summer Decor Ideas to Cool Down and Freshen Up Your Home

A few small swaps and upgrades can make your home feel ready for warmer weather.

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Sprucing up your space for the summer doesn’t have to involve a hefty budget or a ton of your time. Sometimes the tiniest tweaks—such as swapping in lightweight throw pillows or incorporating breezy, organic textures—can make your home instantly feel more fresh and “of the season.” Plus, when you subtly reinvent your space it helps you fall in love with it all over again.

“When the birds start chirping and the bulbs start emerging, I know it’s time to think about updating

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6 Items From the Get It Done Home That Will Elevate Your Interior Design

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Find the thing that will give your home the “oomph” it needs.

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When decorating a home, there are items that can add to a space, and then there are items that can transform it. For example, a unique ceramic vase can add some necessary shape and texture to a bookshelf display, while the bookshelf itself, depending on its style, can dictate the design story of the entire room. It’s good to have a balance of both complementary and statement pieces in every home—too

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What Is The Cabincore Aesthetic? The Home Decor Trend, Explained.

Earthy. Warm. Simple. Essential. These are the words that architect Drew Lang, who designed a collection of homes at the base of the Catskill Mountains of New York, uses to describe the cabincore aesthetic. The home decor trend is a far cry from what’s typically associated with the words “cabin” and “design.” Interior design lovers are officially pulling away from outdated mountain-themed light fixtures made out of antlers and red-and-white checkered throw pillows that say things like “see you at the lake.”

Cabincore is more about elevating that rustic sensibility into something sophisticated and luxurious but, most of all,

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