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20 Front Porch Column Ideas That’ll Beautify Your Home

While your home’s front porch columns provide structural support, it’s important to note that porch columns serve more than purely a functional purpose. There are many different styles of columns to choose from, and you will want to think carefully about the overall design scheme that you wish to embrace.

If you’re looking to revamp your existing front porch columns, there are many ways to do so without taking on a major construction project, whether you’re looking to experiment with paint or take on a large DIY project.

No matter what, you certainly won’t want to miss out on the

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Photos: 16 great furniture designers of the last century inspiring today’s design trends

The 20th century ushered in a time of technological advancements as the world continued to evolve in response to the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century and further technological advancements following the First and Second World Wars. In the architecture and interior design world, many embraced these new ideas, creating works that would continue to inspire their generation and the next with careful attention to functional and durable materials and aesthetics.

Many coveted furniture designs of the 20th century were conceptualized by the most influential architects, designers, and artists of their time. These designs continue to be a mainstay

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Meganne Wecker On The Evolution Of Skyline Furniture And Cloth & Company

Meganne Wecker is truly one of a kind. In the grand scheme of the furniture industry, there are very few brands that manufacture in the United States, particularly outside of North Carolina. There are even fewer that are run by female executives. But that’s what makes Meganne Wecker a true unicorn. She is the president and chief creative officer of Skyline Furniture Manufacturing, which is a brand founded by her grandfather, as well as Cloth and Company, which is a separate business she created.

Skyline is sold by a range

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Interior Designers Love Coco Republic’s High-Quality Furniture

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When it comes to something as subjective as interior design, it can be hard to know what’s high-quality and what’s cheap, what’s stylish and what’s tacky, and what’s timeless and what’s only trendy for now.

In those situations, it’s always a good idea to look towards experts in the interior design field. If the people who are in the know are raving about one brand or one designer, then it’s certainly a pairing worth your attention.

One such example? Coco Republic and

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The Direct To Consumer, Female-Founded Custom Furniture Brand That’s Starting To Take Off

From grand millennial to coastal grandma, there’s no denying the increased popularity of traditional styles in recent years. Furthermore, the supply chain and shipping nightmares of the pandemic have influenced consumers to re-think where their furniture is coming from and who makes it. These two factors, along with beautiful design can be attributed to the tremendous success of direct to consumer custom furniture brand, Coley Home.

Founded by Coley Hull in 2019, the North Carolina based company currently offers a variety of pieces including beds,

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Your Complete Guide to House Styles Across the United States

When it comes to our homes there is more than just “modern.” A whole world of residential architecture styles exists outside of the cookie-cutter image of the American suburb. From coast to coast, you can find houses that ache for ancient Greek classicism and Gatsby-era Long Island, with stories to tell in their turrets and towers and walls that speak of recent and remote periods of American history. In the most intimate of architectural scales we can glean a bit about how our forebears once lived and gather a great deal about how these homes’ stewards would like to live

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