The Home You Own returns as a destination for home improvement and care


The Washington Post today announced an expansion of its home coverage with the relaunch of The Home You Own. Debuting online September 26, “The Home You Own” offers rigorous service journalism aimed at empowering readers to make smart decisions about caring for and improving their spaces.

“When we introduced this coverage as a series last fall, readers really enjoyed it, and their response showed us there’s a demand for insightful reporting about how to take care of and improve the places we live,” said Mitch Rubin, deputy features editor at The Post. “We’re so excited to be able to expand, and evolve our coverage of this vital topic.”

“The Home You Own” is anchored by editor Marisa Kashino and reporter Rachel Kurzius. Its coverage will be wide-ranging — from stories about routine maintenance and home improvement, to renovating and furnishing, to houseplants and gardening — and the ways these intersect with our environment, finances, mental health and relationships.

Examples of the types of questions “The Home You Own” will be answering in its first few weeks include the best ways to create counter space in small bathrooms and kitchens, how to keep your plants alive and thriving, and how to prepare your home for an electric vehicle.

“Taking care of a home, whether it’s a one-bedroom apartment or a house with a yard, can be really intimidating — it’s expensive, it’s hard work and it’s often not intuitive,” said Kashino. “Our goal is to make The Home You Own a super smart — but always accessible — resource that readers can turn to again and again.”

Follow “The Home You Own” coverage here on September 26 and in print in The Washington Post’s Local Living section beginning October 6. To ask questions about taking care of a home, submit them here.

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